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Custom in Jurisprudence

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Custom must be enjoyed openly and with the knowledge of the community. It should not have been practised secretly. Acustom must be proved to be a matter of right. A mere doubtful exercise of a right is not sufficient to a claim as a valid custom. A custom must conform to the norms of justice and public utility. A custom, to be valid, should be based on rationality and reason. If a custom is likely to cause more inconvenience and mischief than convenience, such a custom will not be valid.

A custom which is immoral or opposed to public policy cannot be a valid custom. Courts have declared many customs as invalid as they were practised for immoral purpose or were opposed to public policy.

Status with regard to: In any modern State, when a new legislation is enacted, it is generally preferred to the custom. Therefore, it is imperative that a custom must not be opposed or contrary to legislation.

Many customs have been abrogated by laws enacted by the legislative bodies. For instance, the customary practice of child marriage has been declared as an offence. View all posts by Papoo Parmar. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Advertisements. Custom can simply be explained as those long established practices or unwritten rules which have acquired binding or obligatory character.

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In the canon law of the Catholic Church , custom is a source of law. Canonical jurisprudence , however, differs from Civil law jurisprudence in requiring the express or implied consent of the legislator for a custom to obtain the force of law. In the Common Law of England , "Long usage" must be established.

It is a broad principle of property law that, if something has gone on for a long time without objection, whether it be using a right of way or occupying land to which one has no title, the law will eventually recognise the fact and give the person doing it the legal right to continue. It is known in case law as Customary Rights "Customary rights". Something which has been practised since time immemorial by reference to a particular locality may acquire the legal status of a custom, which is a form of local law.

The legal criteria defining a custom are precise. The most common claim in recent times, is for customary rights to moor a vessel. The mooring must have been in continuous use for "Time Immemorial" which is defined by legal precedent as 12 years or 20 years for Crown Land for the same purpose by people using them for that purpose.

To give two examples: Whereas a group of houseboats on a mooring that has been in continuous use for the last 25 years with a mixture of owner occupiers and rented houseboats, may clearly continue to be used by houseboats, where the owners live in the same town or city. Both the purpose of the moorings and the class of persons benefited by the custom must have been clear and consistent. In Canada , customary aboriginal law has a constitutional foundation [14] and for this reason has increasing influence.

In the Scandinavian countries customary law continues to exist and has great influence. Customary law is also used in some Third World countries, such as those in Africa , usually used alongside common or civil law. In , President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akaev announced a decree to revitalize the aqsaqal courts of village elders. The courts would have jurisdiction over property, torts and family law. As of , there were approximately 1, aqsaqal courts throughout Kyrgyzstan, including in the capital of Bishkek.

The Somali people in the Horn of Africa follow a customary law system referred to as Xeer. It survives to a significant degree everywhere in Somalia [20] and in the Somali communities in the Ogaden. In India many customs are accepted by law. For example, Hindu marriage ceremonies are recognized by the Hindu Marriage Act. Custom is used in tort law to help determine negligence.

Following or disregarding a custom is not determinative of negligence, but instead is an indication of possible best practices or alternatives to a particular action. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the ritual book, see Consuetudinary book. Circumscription theory Legal anthropology Left—right paradigm State formation Political economy in anthropology Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems.

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Conformity with statute law: A custom, to be valid, must be in conformity with statute law. It is a positive rule in most of the legal systems that a statute can abrogate a custom. It is a positive rule in most of the legal systems that a statute can abrogate a custom.

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Salmond- Custom is to society what law is to the state. Each is the expression and realization of Each is the expression and realization of the measure of man’s .

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Oct 24,  · Custom can simply be explained as those long established practices or unwritten rules which have acquired binding or obligatory character. In ancient societies, custom was considered as one of the most important sources of law; In fact it was considered as the real source of law. With the passage of time and the advent of. Custom: Custom,, in English law, an ancient rule of law for a particular locality, as opposed to the common law of the country. It has its origin in the Anglo-Saxon period, when local customs formed most laws affecting family rights, ownership and inheritance, contracts, and personal violence. The Norman.

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Therefore, for them, customs and usages are the sources of law. Sociological Jurists - This group of scholars protest against the orthodox conception of law according to which, law emanates from a single authority in the state. Custom-jurisprudence - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.3/5(2).