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HOMELINK'S Transportation Program Delivers

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How does home exchange work?
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Also the makings of a first meal are always welcome after a long journey. Along with a thank you note, members generally leave a small thank you gift upon leaving the exchange home. New members are added daily and current members are constantly updating information regarding their travel plans.

And quite importantly, unlike the "new" breed of internet-only exchange networks, HomeLink does not artificially inflate our total membership numbers by keeping expired listings online.

HomeLinkers update their own details regularly. When you search our database, it is possible to see the current status of each fellow member: It also includes information about your travel plans and about you and your family.

It is what your potential exchange partners will see when they search for an exchange in your area. If they like it, they will contact you to propose an exchange. As soon as your listing has been published in our on-line database, it will be added to our list of "Most Recent" home exchange offers which is regularly consulted on the Search page. It will also be included in email Listing Alerts and sent to members who are actively searching for an exchange in your area.

Furthermore, there is no better way for members to know about your listing than by contacting other members yourself through our secure messaging system. So be bold and send out your offers straight away! When filling out your listing you will see a gauge indicating its degree of completion.

This means filling in all mandatory fields, as well as a certain amount of important, but optional, fields. Remember, the more complete and attractive the listing, the more exchange offers you will receive! You can list as many homes studio apartment, summer cabin, etc. Be sure your listing has a nice selection of photos see How can I improve my photos. Have your exchange partners sign your Guest Book after each exchange.

Be sure your Dates and Destinations are filled in and up to date. Complete as much information in your Profile as you can: Review the Affinities and Affiliations section and be sure that you select all of the items that correspond to you and your family. Photos are the first thing prospective exchange partners look at when considering an exchange.

Listings with great photos receive more offers. Five simple tips can make all the difference: Just be sure this is a true reflection of how guests will find your home. Photograph the entire structure and surrounding area. A Listing Alert is a weekly message sent to you upon request, informing you of new listings that correspond to your selected Dates and Destinations. For example, if you are searching for a two-week stay in California in June and if you request a Listing Alert on that you will be informed of all new listings proposing a home for exchange in California for two weeks in June.

Why is it important to fill out specific Dates and Destinations for my listing? So you can receive exchange offers that correspond to your travel plans. With set Dates and Destinations, you will receive more relevant offers from other members and avoid having to write negative responses to exchange requests from places you are not interested in or that do not correspond to your availability.

You will also be able to request Listing Alerts on your Dates and Destinations and receive weekly updates of new listings that correspond to your travel plans see question What is a Listing Alert? This figure reflects the rate at which each member responds to messages received in the HomeLink messaging system. The Response Rate is calculated on the first email received from each correspondent. A high response rate attracts more home exchange offers than a low one.

If you are are planning to attend a popular event, you might want to start the process earlier than that. Different home insurance providers can have differing policies on home exchange guests. It is important to contact your home insurer to confirm that your policy remains valid. Without a written document confirming the details of your exchange, simple misunderstandings can occur, and turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. In addition, filling out the agreement form guarantees that you will fully benefit from the HomeLink system of support.

Without one, your exchange will not be recorded in your exchange history or in the number of exchanges that appear on your listing which serve as reassurance to other potential exchange partners. By using our advanced search criteria, you will be able to look for exchange homes that can accommodate your specific needs. In addition, your specific needs can be highlighted on your home page listing, thereby informing potential exchange members in advance of your special needs. For example, you may be a non-smoker and allergic to pets: You may need disabled access, or you may be a young family who would prefer to exchange with members who also have children.

Whatever your needs or preferences, member listings are comprehensive and detailed, allowing you to find what you are looking for with ease. Make sure that your home listing is up to date and complete with attractive photos of your home and surroundings. Experienced exchangers find that being open to all offers they receive is the best way to find exciting exchanges.

Also, remember that your local representative is always available to provide you with advice home exchange is fun and we are committed to assisting our members through the entire process! The Exchange Evaluation Form is a tool that allows HomeLink to continuously maintain the standards of its network.

Signing the Guest Book, means writing a recommendation for your exchange partner. Your comments will appear on their listing and help them receive more exchange offers.

Recommendations include, for example, information on how you enjoyed their welcome, their home and surroundings. Please check the FAQs. Help Help How does home exchange work? What are the different types of home exchange?

Who exchanges their home? What types of homes are exchanged? Is there a HomeLink Code of Ethics? How does home exchange work? What are the benefits of a home exchange? How do I arrange an exchange? How far in advance should I begin seeking an exchange?

In other words give yourself as much time as possible 4. Is there a limit to the number of exchanges I can make? Who pays for what during an exchange? Can I exchange my second home? How long do exchanges typically last? Do you have to own your home or apartment to exchange homes? Is there an Exchange Contract? Is my home insurance affected by having home exchangers? Home Exchange simultaneous This is by far our most common type of home exchange. Non-simultaneous Home Exchange This brings a lot of flexibility to the community, being able to accommodate exchanges at times which may not be personally convenient for you.

Weekend Home Exchange Perfect for visiting nearby cities or attractions, a weekend exchanges enable you to seek potential Exchange Partners interested in exchanging homes over the course of a long or short weekend. Long-term Home Exchange Exchange Partners interested in exchanging for more than a 3 month period of time will use this type of exchange.

Sabbatical Home Exchange Sabbatical exchange is a semester or year-long exchange between university professors.

Youth Exchange With Youth Exchange, you send your child or teenager to live with another member during school vacation or over the summer and then you welcome their child into your home. What type of people are HomeLink members? Is home exchange appropriate for families? How can I trust my home to a stranger? What if something happens to our home when exchanging?

What if I need assistance during my exchange? I have pets and a garden. Who will look after them? Who would want to stay in my home? Would people want to visit my area? Does HomeLink have a "code of good conduct"? Who can see my profile information? Who can see my home address? Who can see my password and personal email address?

Preparing your home for exchange 1. Is there a standard for cleaning your home before an exchange? How can I best explain how things work around the house? Should I leave a welcome gift for my exchange partners? Is the HomeLink database always current? What is a HomeLink listing? How do members find out about my listing once I have joined? At what point will my listing be published on the site? Can I list multiple homes with HomeLink?

How can I make my listing more appealing? How can I improve the photos on my listing? What is a "Listing Alert"? What is the Response Rate? Arranging an exchange 1. What about home insurance? Is it recommended to complete an Exchange Agreement Form? I have specific needs, how will I find an exchange that suits me? What if I am having difficulty finding an exchange? Providing feedback after an exchange 1.

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What are the different types of home exchange?

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