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❶Oh, and get this. When speaking to the main advisor beware of a defensive asshole that will basically argue and raise his voice at you if you request any revisions etc?

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I concluded that much of the information was superficial and that in many instances it was too unclear. You have both an Objective and a Career summary. Having one or the other is fine, but not both. Objective statements are used often by recent graduates, so you may give the impression that you are not an experienced professional.

In addition, your Career Summary is weak. The purpose of this section is to define you as a professional and cover those areas most relevant to your career level and job target.

From a grammatical standpoint, I found your resume to possess many of the most common flaws. There were some disagreements in case and punctuation and I also noticed that you often used passive language. Too many of your job descriptions are task based and not results based. Meaning they tell what you did, not what you achieved.

To be effective and create excitement, a great resume helps the hiring manager visualize you delivering similar achievements at his or her company. Here are some examples of task based sentences in your resume. Entered, tracked and maintained contract Developed a comprehensive understanding These statements are more about what you did, not what you achieved. Employers want to know not only what you accomplished at your jobs, but the depth of those accomplishments.

How did your work improve things, save money, etc. Employers are looking for return on investment ROI. Additional Issues Also, I noticed that your resume changes emphasis patterns, which may make it difficult for some employers to follow. Successful resumes use emphasis elements in patterns that are easy for the eye to follow and that highlight the things that are most important to employers.

This makes it easy for hiring executives to decide on whether to contact you or not. It was difficult to give you a detailed critique, because your resume has limited information on your skills and achievements. Our professional resume writers can help you expand your resume so that employers have the necessary information to decide if they want to contact you.

A well-designed resume includes the keywords and formatting that makes it easy for a resume parsing machine to learn about you and route you to a decision maker. That just annoys recruiters. All the recommendations above can be combined in a cohesive, strategic manner so that you can distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Our resume writers are experts in doing this. Countless studies have proven that professionally written resumes get more interviews, and, if it shortens your job search by even one day, a professional resume will pay for itself. Purchasing the right resume writing service is important. You want to be sure you are getting everything you need to be successful in your job search without being nickel and dimed. If you would prefer to pay in installments, we have a fantastic option that no other resume writing service provides: You will receive your professionally written resume now but have the advantage of paying for it over time.

To order your resume rewrite online, click here. I can confirm that it is a computer generated form letter as it looks nearly identical to the one you posted, of course, with the exception of the various specifics it pulled out of my resume.

This is quite unfortunate because the site is deliberately misleading job seekers for the purpose of enticing them to purchase its resume writing service. The overall analysis and conclusions are identical. It is misleading and a scam to purchase its resume writing service.

I got the same "pudding" form letter. Same experience trying to e-mail the company: The customer service address on the privacy policy page returns automatic notification that the box does not accept e-mail.

The link below "Send E-mail" on the "contact us" page leads to the so-called "help" articles. I called the company phone number and left voice mail asking for my account to be removed.

I will be shocked if I hear from anyone. The "unsubscribe" link in the message is dead. The link that enables me to spend money works just fine. I replied to "Madeline" with this observation. Again, I will be very surprised if I get a personal response. I got the same pudding in a cup message it is a rip off and they should be thrown under the jail for trying to take advantage of hard working people while they are down due to the state of the economy.

This is an unethical business practice that is strongly discouraged by a number of respected Resume Writing practices. If you want to have your resume critiqued, Google the company you want to inquire with prior to submitting your request. If you see these types of complaints move on to the next company. When you find one with no complaints it should receive a critique that has merit. A relief to not be scammed Melanie Howe supposed resume expert from JobFox , you are the "pudding in a cup.

Glad I found this complaint because I was upset about the suggestion that I am "cooked meat" when I really am a vegetarian. I have not had a resume done in 10 years and when I had mine done it costs about 40 dollars, I know the years are pass and things cost more but ?

Thank you for saving money for me I really did not have. I will get my resume done over and it will be just as good but for less. By the way I think the reason it is so expensive is that they claim the people who are hired to do these are trained, they have years expertise in the job market etc They also have a check list comparing the company to two others, of course Jobfox gets all the checks!

I received a similar critique. These days we have to expect that this kind of document will be heavily computer assisted. Also, a lot of resumes do have common shortcomings. So why is everyone surprised that there is a lot of commonality among the critiques? As far as I see, it is still possible this may be a good value.

The proof would be a report from someone who has purchased the resume package. I have found none on the web so far. The "Your design is very flat and cluttered. The appearance is not polished, " statement annoyed me because a professional already contributed expertise to my resume.

I found the statement "Employers want to know not only what you accomplished at your jobs, but the depth of those accomplishments. LOL I love you guys. I feel better now. I got the same obviously computer generated "critique. Because of the sheer volume of resumes received by companies, it is next to impossible to physically track each resume.

Therefore most employers are now using applicant-tracking systems ATS to evaluate resumes. Even the best candidates can get screened out due to a lack of applicable keywords. What do I get? Working with us will dramatically improve and increase your resumes chances of being screened in. Invest in your career. We are not a resume factory. We will work with you to personalize your resume based on your experience, skills and accomplishments.

Our Resume Package includes: Fill out my online form.

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Check - they are professional indeed! But their prices are worth much to be desired. Well, the review will tell you more about pros and cons.

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Jobfox Resume Writing is the largest professional resume writing service online. With + writers and 1MM resumes improved, you can trust Jobfox professional resume writing to create a professional, interview getting resume for you. Purchasing the right resume writing service is important. You want to be sure you are getting everything you need to be successful in your job search without being nickel and dimed. a second instance of the initial "I critiqued your resume" message and now a follow-up message that urges me to buy JobFox's resume services. The 1/5.

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