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What happened on 9/11

❶There were nineteen terrorists who took over control and prepared their attacks. Some believe that the implementation of these laws encouraged the breaching of the basic rights and liberties of citizens and non-citizens alike.

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Targeting the World Trade Center
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Posted on September 11, The morning of September 11, has become the tragedy for all Americans. There was a terrorist attack, as four airliners were hijacked by al-Qaeda members. Four suicide attacks were targeted at important objects in the USA. One of the four planes was targeted at Pentagon, another crashed in the field of Pennsylvania, while the two remaining airliners were aimed to attack Twin Towers in New York.

After this event, the war broke down that brought changes to the whole society in the USA. Being the workplace of thirty five thousand people, the Twin Towers were targeted by al-Qaeda members to carry out a terrorist attack. Each tower had one hundred and ten floors, and each weighed more than , tons.

Twin Towers were located in the centerpiece of the World Trade Center. Taking into consideration the location and the daytime population, the towers became an obvious choice for an attack. As a matter of fact, the World Trade Center had already been attacked in There was an explosion in a car parked beneath the Center.

The attack was made by the group of terrorists, the members of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is an Islam extremist terrorist system started by Osama bin Laden. Al-Qaeda aims to take control and force religiously-sanctioned social and political order in the places with Muslim representation. The attacks against Americans were made to reduce support in the USA for Middle-Eastern governments that do not follow al-Qaeda strong beliefs. Al-Qaeda believed that the USA support was a huge obstacle in promoting and building global order under Islam.

On September 11, , four planes were hijacked by the members of al-Qaeda. The planes were headed for California, therefore being fueled enough.

There were nineteen terrorists who took over control and prepared their attacks. After the first attack hundreds of people were killed and hundred got trapped in the floors above. The group targeting the World Trade Center both in and in was al-Qaeda, an Islam extremist terrorist system started by Osama bin Laden.

With franchise operations in at least sixteen other countries McCormick , al-Qaeda seeks to overthrow Middle-Eastern governments or other places with strong Muslim representation that do not force religiously-sanctioned social and political order. On September 11, , four planes were headed for California when they were hijacked by members of al-Qaeda aboard the plane. The first was an American Airlines Boeing leaving from Boston.

The plane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8: The impact killed hundreds of people and trapped hundred more in the floors above. People trapped by the damage and flames leaped off the side of the building to their deaths, desperate to escape Weinberg.

Both buildings collapsed and severely damaged five other buildings in the World Trade Center complex. Once hijacked, the attackers steered the plane towards the Pentagon where they slammed into the west side of the building, workplace to twenty four thousand people Schmemann.

After learning about the other attacks, passengers on the fourth plane, United Airlines Boeing , Flight 93, decided to take matter into their own hands. Fighting back, the passengers were able to steer the plane from its original target, Washington D. All in all, almost three thousand people were killed from a total of ninety three nations.

In addition to the civilians and hijackers, three hundred and forty three firefighters and paramedics were killed, along with twenty three police officers and thirty seven Port Authority police officers. The death toll was beyond catastrophic and devastating to a nation. The United States invoked their right of self-defense during wartime, meaning that a nation that has been threatened or attacked has the right to defend itself.

The country was officially at war. In America, Congress was busy. In October , United States Congress passed the USA Patriot Act , giving law enforcement officials the right to searching property without warrants, detain and deport, monitor financial transactions, and eavesdrop on phone conversations Rowen.

This was met with mixed reviews, as many feared that the law would lead to overzealous infringement on civil liberties. Under the Patriot Act, approximately twelve hundred people were detained for a month without access to their attorneys Rowen. Before the operation was two months old, the United States had ousted the Taliban from power. It was later revealed in that in , President George W. Bush authorized the National Security Agency in secret to wiretap domestic emails and phone calls without warrants Rowen.

The United States also enacted the Department of Homeland Security Act of , an act that created the position of Secretary of Homeland Security and established the Department of Homeland Security, a cabinet-level agency. The purpose of this department was to ensure the national security of the country, in addition to providing information about terrorist threats and suggested security measures for the public, the government, and hubs like airports Rowen. Some believe that the implementation of these laws encouraged the breaching of the basic rights and liberties of citizens and non-citizens alike.

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