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❶Why do dolphins leap from the water? Begin typing the name of a book or author:

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A well-known quote from Animal Farm is "All animals are equal" but "some animals are more equal than others. North Korea is controlled via its state policies. Human rights are guaranteed in North Korea but the problem is the subjective definition of human rights and the fact that the protection of the State supersedes all else. When the animals take over the farm, the equality of the animals is paramount.

However, equality is secondary to the rights of the pigs as "brain" workers, again some animals being "more equal than others. The strife in several African countries also has similarities to the events in Animal Farm. Peoples have been mistreated, whether racially, ethnically or religiously and eventually rise up, only for, in some instances, their leaders to create their own sense of inequality as they then dominate their countries.

Disillusionment and discontent replace the euphoria but, much like the ending of Animal Farm , the masses appear powerless. Mainly, the book itself was written as a satire of the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. What are five different current events that relate to Animal Farm? Expert Answers durbanville Certified Educator.

Related Questions What are some current events that parallel the events in Animal Farm? Would the riots in the UK be The author actually started her work on The author actually started her work on the story in response to real-life events in the year , when an young, unarmed black man named Oscar Grant was shot by a white police officer after already having been restrained.

This book is undeniably Black Lives Matter-centered. The Black Lives Matter movement is one that has recently swept the world of activism in the US, and was started up mainly in response to the events surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Martin was not shot by a member of police, but by George Zimmerman, who followed and shot the unarmed black teenager while he was walking home one night.

You may have also heard of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, who were all victims of police shootings and brutality in the past few years. Angie Thomas takes the time in her book to point out that these shootings are intrinsically part of a cycle of violence, poverty, and racial prejudice that many black communities and individuals in the US face.

If you research this or listen to the news, you will see that shootings like this happen frequently in the US. Through the perspective of the main character, Starr, it provides a glimpse into how police brutality in African American communities impacts individuals and their families.

The story gives voice to issues of racism and classism through the lived experience of the main character. Starr lives in an primarily African American neighborhood, however she attends a predominately Caucasian preparatory school.

On a daily basis she struggles with internal conflicts related to her identity and self acceptance. While the book may seem to embody the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is also a story that deals with a teenage girl coming of age in a time where she must grapple with issues far beyond her years.

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Current Events Homework Assignment. It is very important for people to know and understand the events that are happening across the globe that impact people’s health. Subjects Skill Development. History & Current Events: Year by Year: –».

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