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Geography Rivers Coursework Help – 439168

Geography Coursework on Rivers

❶To find out what happens to size and shape of bed load.

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As does the discharge, the CSA. The size of pebbles should decrease also. Velocity in upland area is small - smaller volume of water to move, also the cross profile of the river is V shaped, and very rocky, so more water comes into contact with the beds and banks, meaning more friction, so the water uses up energy because of friction, rather than speed.

In downstream area, cross profile is U shaped wider and deeper , and the sediment on the river floor is silty and smooth - less water in contact with the sides of the river, less friction, more speed.

Missing out the little things can really mess up the marks you get Good luck! Did the same coursework last year. Answer Questions Now you put on your glasses and tell me if South America is not connected to the Antarctic by an isthmus? May anyone tell me a real life example of possibilism for human geo? Are white americans english people? Now you put on your glasses and tell me if South America is not connected to the Antarctic by an isthmus?

Follow 4 Original post by LH How do you plan to measure the levels of pollution in each river? Follow 5 Follow 6 Luckily the Geography department at my school were helpful and so basically gave all the students doing Rivers a guide as to what to do, write, explain etc.

For my coursework, I studied one local river, with basically 6 key questions: To find out if the river gets wider and deeper as it flows downstream 2. To find out if the velocity increases as the river flows downstream 3. To find out if the discharge increases 4. To find out if the valley side angles and downstream gradient decreases 5. To find out if the food plain gets bigger 6. To find out what happens to size and shape of bed load.

I then did the relevant hypotheses on each, saying what I expected using my Geography knowledge etc. Doing what I did and the rest of my class mates would be best, as it means you basically focus on the main physical geography stuff you should know, thus writing everything before and after taking your results should be easy; with what you expect to find, why and all the rest, which you should know with your GCSE River topic knowledge - so you can really impress the moderators.

Hope that helps, and all the best! Follow 7 Thank you so much for your help guys. Follow 8 For my A-Level one I found a nice meander, and chose a 5 day period, with rain on the second day. I measured flow velocity and depth at various points along the cross-section on each day. I had a hypothesis about how flow velocity and depth would vary across the section on any given day, and how they would vary with time lag time etc.

It worked out very well. Follow 7 followers 15 badges Send a private message to -WhySoSerious? Follow 9 Follow 10 Original post by pineapplechunks The only one I can think of is the investigated section of River A is further down stream than the section of River B. This forum is supported by: GF never initiates sex.

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Geography Coursework on Rivers Rivers can be a little tricky and getting the coursework done properly is more than trying. Whenever you have one of our professional writers take over, you can be assured that your grade will be great.

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A* full marks GCSE geography coursework (rivers) 1. Page 1 of 59 An investigation into how physical channel characteristics change throughout the course of the River Holford Name: Nishay Patel Candidate Number: Centre Number:

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Learn about and revise river landforms, whether created through erosion or deposition, with GCSE Bitesize Geography (AQA). Geography river study coursework - Why do channel characteristics vary downstream at a number One exception was at site 4. At site 4, the river is wider than you would expect as it flows over hard rock which is not so easily eroded and so flows over a wider area.