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What do you think of my NROTC essay?

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How to Write NROTC Essay

After college, I want to help lead the organization that makes our way of life possible, the organization that protected my right to go to college. How might your background and experiences enhance the U.

Optional Like ingredients in a secret recipe, my background and experiences have been mixed together to create what I am today, what I believe will be able to competently serve the US Navy. My background and experiences have helped me develop imperative traits such as discipline, competence, and intelligence that I will be able to use to effectively enhance the US Naval Service. My training as an athlete most definitely has taught me the value of discipline.

Although it is never fun to wake up that early, I know that it is crucial to my performance as an athlete to train regularly, and so I drowsily get up day after day in order to better myself. I will be able to use this discipline to stick through the trials and tribulations that I will face during my service.

Another skill that I have been learning through my experiences is competence. Ever since I started Boy Scouting in middle school, the value of competence has been impressed upon me. In order to be a leader of any type you have to be competent. Scouting has gradually taught me to be more competent: I have learned the value of competence through these experiences; the Navy will be able to depend on me to do whatever it is I need to.

Both inside and outside of school I love to learn. Inside of school, I take the most challenging curriculum that I am able to comprehend, outside of school I en. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It is pretty good. The one thing that I see missing is leadership. The USN is looking for established leaders. You cannot teach that. I think you have the beginnings going in your 2nd statement, but I would expand on it.

If you are the Captain, or a co-captain of the swim team or cross country team, then say so. What level did you attain as a boy scout? The Navy wants an established leader. Even if you are only good at one thing, be a leader in that one thing.

Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Naval In 2 try self-discipline, rather than discipline. For the best answers, search on this site https: You should also work on things like stronger construction and consistent voice. This essay is over , which is much much too long. It needs to be pared down and made a lot more concise. I ran through it and edited it, cutting out about half of the length without changing any of the meaning.

This is a good sign that it is much much too long. I want to be the person that others look up to. I come from a hardworking family who believes in teaching their children respect, discipline, and earning what you deserve. I was taught to take responsibility for everything I do and figure out what I need to do in order to accomplish it. My goals in wanting to become a naval officer are to serve my country, be a positive influence, and build a life for myself in the Navy.

I want to serve my country because it has given me all the opportunities I have been fortunate to have. America is the greatest country to live in because it stands for democracy, human achievement, and freedom. That freedom is why millions of soldiers are serving. An estimated 54, are women serving in the Navy and only a little over are female officers.

The content of the main body should be clear and to the point. Each paragraph, sentence and phrase should bring out the main idea straightforwardly. Also, ensure that transition from paragraph to paragraph is smooth. Provide clear outline of your background and experiences that can enhance the impact.

This will ensure your essay is concrete, grounded and best describes your personality in detail. Conclusion should be drawn based on the content of the main body. It is basically the gist of your entire essay. Ensure that all ideas from the main body are highlighted here. At the end of the conclusion, you can also pose a rhetoric question to the reader as it makes an impressive point to the reader. You need to proofread thoroughly whatever you have written.

Ask an expert writer, maybe a friend or colleague, to read through it and give you some suggestions. This will help in improving your essay to match standards of perfection. Just ensure that you are in control of the essay and the suggestions do not distort the originality. Last but not least, aim to keep your NROTC essay concise because short sentences are more forceful than long sentences, as they are direct and to the point.

You need to do a thorough research on military and research subjects to get clear information on the requirements of the discipline. By adhering to the basic guidelines outlined above, it will be easier to develop a comprehensive NROTC essay so that you can get desired placement.

Ensure that you have written a concise, well-researched, honest and appealing essay.

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Jun 29,  · NROTC scholarship is the most competitive out there, and for some more competitive than an apptmt. Scholarships are national, tied to schools and the applicants, appointments are tied to the state that applicant resides in. S.D. candidate probably has a better chance at the USNA, than a VA resident.

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