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What is a frequency distribution?

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What is Rank Correlation?

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Features Of Spearman Correlation Coefficient
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The method of starting with either highest or lowest value must follow for both variables and must follow the step as followed in first method. In some cases two or more individuals have same ranks. In such case an average rank is given to each individual. This method is also used where data is in qualitative nature i.

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Really, we can write it for you. Have fun and enjoy academic life!! In a bivariate distribution we may be interested to find out if there is any correlation or covariation between the two variables under study. If the changes in one variable affects a change in the other variable, the variables are said to be correlated. If the two variables deviate in the same direction, that is if the increase in one results in a corresponding increase in the other, correlation is said to be direct or positive.

But if they constantly deviate in the opposite direction, that is if increase in one results in corresponding decrease in the other, correlation is said to be diverse or negative. It is simplest way of the diagrammatic representation of bivariate data. From the scatter diagram, we can form a fairly good, though vague, idea whether the variables are correlated or not, e. This method, however, is not suitable if the number of observations is fairly large. In statistics, Frequency distribution refers to the summarization of the statistical data that shows the frequencies of the values of a variable.

In other words , it is a tabular or graphical form that displays the frequencies of various outcomes in a sample. In other words, bivariate distribution studies two variables. Thus, when the data set are classified summarized or grouped in the form of a frequency distribution on the basis of two variables, the distribution so formed is known as a bivariate frequency distribution. The sales revenue has been classified in different rows and the advertisement expense is shown in different columns.

Each cell shows the frequency which is the number of firms corresponding to the given range of sales revenue and advertisement expenses. The correlation coefficient or the correlation index is called the measure of correlation. It tells the direction as well as the magnitude of the correlation between two or more variables.

The correlation between, say, two variables is positive when the direction of change of the variables is same i. The correlation between, say, two variables are negative when the direction of change of the variables is opposite i. The correlation is linear when the amount of change in one variable with respect to the amount of change in the other variable tends to be a constant ratio. Consider an example of linear correlation. Plotting the two variables Y and Z on a graph would show all the points falling in a straight line.

The correlation between two variables is non-linear or curvilinear when the amount of change in one variable with respect to the amount of change in the other variable does not exhibit a constant ratio. In partial correlation, though more than two variables are involved, the correlation is studied between two variables only and all other variables are assumed to be constant.

The scatter plot or dot chart helps us to visually decide if the two variables are correlated or not. In this method, the given data are plotted on a graph in the form of dots X-axis shows X values and Y-axis shows Y values.

The patterns shown below describes the degree weak, moderate or strong and direction positive or negative of correlation-. As clear from the above dot charts, the greater the scatter of the plotted points on the chart, the weaker is the relationship between two variables X and Y. This method of analyzing correlation does not give the exact degree of correlation between the variables.

It is also known as the product-moment coefficient of correlation. The coefficient of correlation is denoted by r and denotes the degree of correlation between the two variables.


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Rank Correlation Coefficient A nonpararnetric measure of association between two variables X and Y is given by the rank correlation coefficient 6 L:n r~ = 1 – (2n) di2, -1,=1 where. d, is the difference between the ranks assigned to XI and Yi, and n .

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Correlation between the ranks xi’s and yi’s is called the Pearsonian coefficient (or Rank Correlation) of between A and B for that group of individuals. This is a non-parametric test that measures the degree of association between two variables.

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