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Layers Of The Earth For Kids

❶This movement makes the crust break into plates, or different sections.

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Science Earths Crust Mantle Homework Help science earths crust mantle homework help The thinning of newly formed oceanic crust suggests that Earth’s mantle is of the Earth.”.

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Chemically, the earth’s surface can be divided into crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core and inner core. Inner core The solid inner core has the radius of nearly km, suspended in .

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The crust sits atop the mantle, although the liquid magma of the mantle sometimes breaks through. When this magma cools, it hardens into part of the outer crust. In some places, like the bottom of the ocean, the crust is quite thin. This part of the earth is about 1, miles (2, km) below the earth's surface. The core is a dense ball of the elements iron and nickel. The layer above the core is the mantle.

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Science Earths Crust Mantle Homework Help. science earths crust mantle homework help Search Homework Help Science. Search with Several Search Engines at Get an answer for The continents and ocean floor are part of Earths _____? Overview The planet Earth was once part of the cloud surrounding the sun. Scientists believe that as it condensed and cooled, it formed into layers. The crust is a rocky shell that surrounds the mantle, and the mantle surrounds a molten iron-nickel core.