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❶Responsible in individual capacity, as well as overall in charge for Pr-employment checkups, employee fitness. Bonds and assembles composite parts with components using blueprints and assembly tools with the use of fasteners, screws and liquid adhesive.

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Perform to an established methods and standards; meeting or exceeding the departments quality and productivity goals. Communicate well with others and work in a manner to support a team environment. Responsible for maintaining communication to appropriate management and support personnel concerning safety, quality, and any issues as they arise. Performs other duties within the scope of job assignment as assigned by Team Leader, Quality Engineer or Manager.

The Community Relations Manager role is responsible for positioning Textron Aviation as a leader and advocate for volunteerism, community and corporate citizenship. This role will develop and manage strong relationships between the company and local, state and national community constituents. To assemble, install and adjust mechanical, structural and hydraulic components to an aircraft. Performs a variety of assembly line installation operations including filing, fitting, aligning, adjusting, rigging, riveting, bolting, clamping or by other means of fastening individual parts and assemblies in their proper relationship.

Performs any necessary adjustments, minor repairs or rework necessary for "sell out" of assigned operations. Uses a variety of power and hand tools which may include a complete set of aircraft mechanic tools, clamps, electric and pneumatic drills and measuring instruments such as calipers, scale, micrometer and tension meter.

Performs any related duties as required. To assemble primary and major sheet metal assemblies including different types of metals, composites, and other materials. Performs a wide variety of operations in the completion of assemblies involving component tooling where some judgment is necessary to set up and maintain a positive relationship of a multiple number of parts or assemblies.

Performs assembling operations such as cutting, filing, drilling, countersinking, fitting,shimming, adjusting, clamping, bolting, reaming, riveting, and bucking where locationsand other pertinent information is established or predetermined and tolerances, edgemargins, hole patterns, etc.

Locates reference points, holes, parts and assemblies from established reference lines orpoints, transfers hole and rivets pattern within predetermined limits and performs sheetmetal assembly work with and without aid of jigs, fixtures or other tooling when necessary. Applies sealing, bonding agents and other liquid adhesives per specification requirements. Install some hardware such as nuts, bolts, spring pins, cotter keys and safety wire as needed. Special care is needed for stress critical areas and areas of cosmetic concern.

Uses hand and portable tools such as rivet gun, drill motor, portable dimpling equipment, buckingbars, de-burr tools, file, scale, etc. Functional testing of completed parts and assemblies may be required. Job Summary Working with cross-functional commodity teams, the Supplier Quality Engineer represents the quality function in the selection of new suppliers, qualification of new suppliers and improvement of existing suppliers. Activities include conducting supplier quality system and process assessments, identifying and executing of process improvement projects, facilitating quality improvement education within the supply base, trouble shooting for quality issues, and establishing continuous quality improvement as a way of life within supplier facilities.

Spearheads process improvement activities at supplier facilities. Lift your career to new heights! This opportunity enables an individual to grow and innovate while being able to experience a cross functional work environment and implement new technologies in building world class aircraft. From design to flight, Textron Aviation has become an industry leader through our belief in having t he Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Candidate will be responsible for creating Instrumentation DAS data acquisition system definition to acquire real time data on flying test articles. This position is accountable for providing development and certification data to all engineering departments in support of new product development and certification, product problem investigations, and in support of the fleet sustaining effort.

Textron Specialized Vehicles Intern Engineers take on projects as assigned by the area Manager that they are assigned to. These projects vary from Quality, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, etc. Textron Specialized Vehicles is looking for employees to use and develop their manufacturing, quality and industrial knowledge.

Our interns are highly motivated with great communication skills that contribute to build plans, production tooling, and manufacturing processes for components and assemblies.

In recent years, interns completed projects that include: The Credit Analyst is responsible for helping maximize sales while minimizing risk associated with accounts receivable. This position serves as a key resource to internal customers involved in the Order to Cash process.

Plates a wide variety of experimental or production parts with various platings such as zinc, chromium, cadmium and copper. Adds chemicals to the solutions to maintain solutions in proper balance. Prepares pickling and stripping solutions bright dips and cleaners. Wires up and positions parts in tank correctly and times plating operations to obtain proper degree of thickness or type of plating. Tools and Equipment Used: Plating tank, galvanometer, ammeter, solutions, etc. Performs any necessary adjustments, minor repairs or rework necessary for "sell out" ofassigned operations.

The Sales Analyst Intern will participate in providing data analysis required to support the Sales team in our Turf business segment. The Fire Protection Officer is a first responder to protect against risks to property and personnel. It is therefore of the utmost importance the FPO exercise their duties with courtesy, tact and professionalism.

Plater Second Shift Bell Flight. The candidate will be working in a team environment to support test operations within established flight test guidelines to achieve safe flight operations. As a member of the Instrumentation team, the candidate will install, maintain, and troubleshoot instrumentation transducers, wiring, and data recording equipment in MV test aircraft. The candidate will also assist with analyzing and troubleshooting Instrumentation components and systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency in obtaining test data.

Creating new advertising, and resizing and adapting existing advertising, for placement in publications; Designing and producing new marketing collateral and materials, as well as adapting and maintaining existing product literature and sales collateral; Designing print advertising for local purposes, special events and other needs; Designing, producing and maintaining dealer marketing tools print ad templates, radio advertising scripts, postcard templates, social media, website, etc.

Create interactive content for Consumer Marketing web properties, including ezgo. Update and manage content on websites, social media networks, and other electronic media. Develop and maintain relationships with external vendors i.

To use the SAP system and other interdepartmental systems, processes, and documents to schedule and control a variety of issues, situations, or requirements while completing assigned work area activities.

Schedules and stages production and aftermarket orders, parts, kits, material, and tools thru the shop area based on dispatch, capacity and lead time. Works to reduce past due conditions, eliminate line shortages, and provide achievable commitment dates.

With operations, identifies aging orders and resolution. Works with MRP and Operations to identify, mitigate, and resolve shortages owed to and owed from assigned area. Maintains shortage system and communicates barriers to achieving due dates.

Prioritizes orders in systems and provides commitment dates within system for orders in area. May serve as POC in shortage meetings as assigned by leadership.

Works with MRP and Operations to conduct capacity reviews. Monitors work center queue to support schedule loading. Monitors input and output capacity.

May release orders as queued by analyst. May participate in area team walks, area team meetings, and continuous improvement activities as required. Performs a variety of system functions to maintain system data integrity and assure order, requirement, and inventory accuracy. Performs scrap and shop loss transactions. Provides system updates for WIP as required. Participates in open order inventory. May assist supervisor with disposition or impact of rejected material, order completion activities, analyzing bottleneck issues, and machine or tool rework problems.

May guide and instruct lower grade personnel in providing accurate status and availability of parts to keep production lines operating. To prepare a variety of routed materials for next operations. CWC Textron, is a division of Kautex, which the most global member of the Textron family with 42 locations in 15 countries. Textron is a multi-industry fortune organization that includes such brand names as: The Plant Security Guard is a key position and responsible for the safety of our plant facilities and grounds.

Listed below are some of the responsibilities of this position: To apply finishes to a variety of parts and assemblies. Working from oral and written instructions and established procedures, prepare painted surfaces, spray primers or various paint finishes to parts, or assemblies.

Uses minimal judgment in obtaining desired finish and works under the guidance of others. Uses spray gun, simple hand tools, and other measuring instruments. Mixes primer and basic paint according to specifications and under the direction of others.

Professionally applies paint to surface maintaining finish requirements acceptable to shop supervision and quality control. Adjusts and cleans spray gun and paint equipment or other company tools checked out for performing job assignments. Keeps immediate work area clean and orderly and works in accordance with general safety practices. Performs other related duties as required such as sealing a variety of aircraft components. P erforms a number of duties to fill, sand, buff, and prepare a variety of standard composite parts for prime and paint.

Prepares basic composite surfaces by filling, sanding, and buffing to a smooth surface with some guidance. Responsible for ensuring finished parts meet quality specifications and requirements. Uses small hand tools, sanders, buffers, adhesive applicators, calipers, gauges, and other measuring instruments. Performs a number of duties to trim, fill, sand, bond and assemble to prepare a variety of standard composite parts in accordance with shop orders, oral and written instructions and blueprints.

Bonds and assembles composite parts with components using blueprints and assembly tools with the use of fasteners, screws and liquid adhesive. Uses standard methods for bonding basic components to composite parts. Ensures composite assemblies meet bonding cure specifications.

Prepares composite surfaces by filling and sanding to a smooth surface. Responsible for ensuring finished assemblies meet quality specifications and requirements. Uses small hand tools, sanders, drills, routers, adhesive applicators, calipers, gauges and other measuring instruments.

Previous GSE experience preferred strong knowledge of gas and diesel engines required, as well as the ability to troubleshoot electrical and hydraulic systems from schematics.

Candidates are required to supply their own hand tools. Please respond to this ad with a detailed resume. Competitive wages and benefit package offered. To learn more about our company please check out our website www. Tug Technologies is committed to providing Equal Opportunity in Employment, to all applicants and employees regardless of, race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, military status, veteran status, handicap, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

We are seeking Engineers that strive daily for innovation and settle for nothing less than excellence. The selected candidate will support Bell Engineering in one or a variety of the following areas depending on business need: The candidates will be assigned to projects and support one of the following aircraft: Bell is seeking an Associate Business Analyst to develop and maintain analysis to support strategic customer service initiatives.

Heat Processor 3 - 2nd Shift Textron Aviation. To learn to harden steel and heat treat aluminum parts, may work under guidance of higher grade Heat Processor. Heat treating operations include annealing, tempering and normalizing. Sets up and operates heat treat equipment such as generators, infraanalyzer, atmospheric control tempering furnaces and vacuum furnaces. Inputs sequence of events in work center console. Maintains records on a variety of aircraft parts according to date, time, dew point reading, and temperature and lot number.

Uses precision measuring instruments such as a hardness tester and simple hand tools such as wire cutters and operates power hand drill, power hoist, and material handling equipment such as hand operated forklifts.

Maintains close mental and visual attention to indicator gauges as to temperature and atmospheric conditions in furnaces while part is being heat treated. Responsible for developing processes and changes that result in creating a quality conscious environment which shows a reduction of defects. Works under the direction of others. Works from blue prints, interprets engineering requirements and Configuration verifications. Inspects parts and ensures acceptable appearance, function, tolerances, dimensions and specifications.

Completes and maintains a variety of inspection paperwork. Able to interpret and conform new model engineering change with feedback to Engineering. Proficient in business applications as required for the area of work assigned.

Communicates with the FAA or other external auditors and customers. Support the local accounting function in all aspects of Accounting operations. Activities include but are not limited to: Daily General Ledger accounting activities.

Assist in the month end, quarter-end and year-end closing processes. Assist to reconcile and analyze General Ledger Accounts. Reconcile receivables and payables with foreign affiliated companies.

Ensure compliance with the Textron policies and procedures. Contact for external auditors. Other ad hoc tasks assigned by leaders. Basic Purpose and Objective: Perform data entry into Invoicing software and maintenance software as required, coordinate parts orders and assist in inventory control. Follow up with customers on aging invoices. Maintain accurate and complete filing systems for vendors and customers. Assist in daily invoicing of all completed work orders and parts sales. Accurately receive parts into Inventory software system.

Maintain accurate inventory levels. Responsible for establishing and maintaining a file system. Assist in performing accurate and on time EOM close reports. Continue to receive ongoing training to gain knowledge of the industry. Provide managers updates on new business. Perform Data entry into customers maintenance programs as required. Process vendor invoices to corporate office.

Make regular sales calls to increase parts sales. Coordinate daily service and parts transactions. Responsible to accurately invoice repair orders. Responsible to accurately receive parts into inventory. Coordinate requests from customers on Service and parts transactions. Communicate safety concerns with in the operation to management.

Communicate customer requests for service to management. The plating operator must handle aircraft parts to ensure there is no damage to the parts during the plating process.

The plater will have to follow the instructions in the repair to include where to mask and how to fixture the part to have a successful outcome of the plating process.

The plater will first inspect the part to make sure it is run ready for the plating process and they will compete a final inspection after the plating process verifying that it meets the requirements outlined in the traveler. Representatives to enable World-Class customer service for each and every customer. Works daily with numerous departments within Textron Aviation to ensure the customer receives the best service.

To identify and correct malfunctioning jet, turboprop, and reciprocating multi-engine aircraft mechanical components and systems. Performs annual and progressive inspections as well as modification work on customer aircraft. Requires thorough knowledge of aircraft engines, mechanical systems, and components on all assigned aircraft. Checks, corrects or replaces a variety of complex aircraft assemblies, landing gear systems, air conditioner system, pressurization system, and optional equipment installations.

Requires knowledge of annual and progressive inspection procedures set forth in aircraft maintenance manuals. Performs modification work on aircraft systems and structures.

Responsible for clear, concise and accurate written reports in logs, inspection reports and in parts identification for issue and return documents.

Conducts functional checks, engine test runs, instrument tests and alignment, and preventive maintenance on same. Rigging, synchronizing of throttles, and setting the stops.

May be required to observe operation of mechanical systems during flight and troubleshoot problems for in-shop repairs. Uses tensiometers, micrometers, pressure gauges, dial gauges, vacuum gauges, and a variety of hand tools to repair and modify systems or assemblies. About Textron Textron Inc. For more information visit: Textron Airborne Solutions provides training opportunities for military customers.

ATAC provides tactical flight training and adversary aggressor services for U. To coordinate and assist in accurate receiving, material stores and shipping activities, including but not limited to, unloading, verifying materials, cycle count, storage, warehouse transfer, issuance of materials, inventory security, storing, picking, shipping of parts, equipments, assemblies, materials and supplies, assembling a variety of prefabricated boxes, crates and containers to pack for shipment of a variety of materials as required.

Responsible for handling, moving, loading, and unloading materials by hand or by using a variety of material handling equipment. Textron Systems is comprised of multiple business units: Throughout our businesses, we collaborate with leading suppliers in the industry to elevate our capabilities and foster ingenuity and innovation.

A Business Development Manager will need to perform the below responsibilities: The Marketing Intern will participate in supporting new product development, completing market analysis, developing stronger brands, and creating and executing marketing campaigns for our Turf business segment. Performs any phase of inspection necessary to check dimensional characteristics of gear teeth and their components.

Sets up, lays out and inspects a variety of machined gears and splines by performing both functional and analytical type checks to deter mine allowable deviations in dimensions making decisions as to whether or not they are within acceptable limits using a wide variety of precision measuring devices such as inspection machines, equipment, instruments, gages, etc. Makes inspections on first run gears and other gear type parts and determines whether or not they are acceptable for production runs.

Makes necessary machine setups to accomplish all types of gear inspection involving numerous inspection tolerance dimensions, coordinated dimensions, irregular surfaces requiring coordination in several planes where accumulation of tolerances are critical factors.

Performs layout operations on graph paper where readings are recorded to determine if proper involute, runout, tooth spacing, etc. Makes hairline decisions where dimensions are not shown on blueprints or are not a matter of shop practice. Inspects all types of gears and other gear type parts such as, but not limited to, curvic tooth splines, spherical splines, involute splines, spur gears and spiral bevel gears.

Sets and calibrates inspection equipment as required to meet test specifications and settings. Performs a variety of inspection checks as involute, hardness, runout, tooth spacing, surface and finish, lead, concentricity, stock removal, wobble, etc. Accepts work inspected or otherwise rejects work, which fails to meet acceptable standards. Works with Engineering and Manufacturing personnel in the development of new gear patterns. Inspects, approves and accepts tooling master, grand master and working master gears.

Maintains a permanent record file on all master type gears as well as production gears. Records serial numbers, part numbers, stock removal and other information necessary for future reference. Aids, guides and instructs lower grade inspectors in all phases of gear inspection work and performs the more complicated duties involving hairline decisions.

Performs receiving inspections as required. Precision measuring instruments such as involute machines, red liners, optical comparators, Rockwell machines, profilometer, dividing heads, etc.

Also uses calipers, height gages, micrometers, measuring wires, indicators, gauge blocks, layout instruments, inspection stamps and a variety of other precision measuring instruments. As a member of our global workforce, you will collaborate with dedicated, enthusiastic teams where unique experiences, backgrounds and ideas combined with a strong passion for our products take us above and beyond flight. Support a broad range of EHS programs including tracking, analyzing and reporting safety, workers compensation, disability, and environmental data.

Support accounting, audit and compliance programs. Working from blueprints and specifications, determines by visual examination, special inspection instruments or by using special test formulas or methods, the presence of internal and external cracks, defects, flaws, etc.

Inspects parts, assemblies and materials for the results or effects of processes or operation such as anodizing, doping, chromodizing, etching, passivating, dichromating, pickling, plating, degreasing, painting, etc. Inspects completed product for correct painting combinations, application of product for correct painting combinations, application of decalcomanias, etc.

Also determines reasons for flaws, due to forging, heat treating, machining or welding. Coordinates with Process Control and production personnel in checking and maintaining processing standards. Inspects and tests for evidence of corrosion, proper use of cleaning compounds, etc. Assigns duties to Finish Inspectors of a lower grade; instructs them in methods to be followed and checks their work for accuracy and completeness.

Precision measuring instruments and special testing devices and equipment. Accepts loan applications and processes the application to a point where the loan officer can make a loan decision. Performs computer input as needed to prepare loan documents and establish the loan on the data system. Accepts loan applications from loan officers, research credit history, verify information and do necessary preparation of ratios and numerical comparisons to provide officers the information needed to facilitate a fair and objective credit decision.

Prepares correct and necessary loan paperwork. Does data system entry to set up loan and disburse loan proceeds. Closes loans accurately and completely. Observes correct procedures in filing notices of security interest, recording liens on titles and financing statements.

Provides members with information on payments, balances, etc. Stays abreast of all internal policies, procedures, practices, rates, etc. Cross sells all credit union services.

Any other duties that may be assigned by supervisor. Nous so mmes des pionniers. Bell is seeking an Maintenance Supervisor to support our industrial maintenance department at the Bell facility in Arlington, TX.

Must be able and is required to perform any type of difficult grinding work on any and all types of grinders. Grinds steps, tapers, recesses, shoulders, angles, contours, and threads.

Holds work for required tolerances. Will not be retained in this position longer than two 2 years. To install, adjust, functional test, troubleshoot and repair avionics systems on board the aircraft at remote locations.

Will respond to Customer inquiries and be responsible for assuring Customer satisfaction by coordinating with the Service Center Team.

Performs the functional testing required to isolate a customer complaint in a particular avionics system and repairing that aircraft system in accordance with Appropriate Maintenance procedures.

Troubleshoots problems on defective units or wiring discrepancies. Replaces defective units, repairs wiring and modifies.

Works from appropriate Textron Aviation schematics, blueprints and service bulletins. Responsible for final testing of avionics equipment and signing off customer discrepancy sheets. Ensures all transmitting and receiving equipment includes pulse equipment complies with all applicable FCC rules and regulations. Installs modifications on the aircraft, including wiring build-up and aircraft installations. Orders and obtains parts necessary to effect aircraft repairs. Assures that cores are returned in accordance with established procedure.

Responsible for communicating safety expectations of the Service Center. Monitors the work environment to assure it is maintained in a safe and orderly condition. Identifies and corrects unsafe acts. Responsible for continually updating knowledge and staying current on latest avionics developments and equipment to maintain current status of all FCC and Appropriate Maintenance repair station licenses.

Works as a member of a team focused on meeting customer expectations requiring Mechanics and Avionic Technicians to assist each other as required. Must possess a Textron Aviation-issued driver license and valid state-issued driver license. Both are required to operate Company-owned vehicles or vehicles under Textron Aviation control. Performs related duties as required. Will identify and correct issues on malfunctioning aircraft mechanical components and systems.

Performs a variety of diagnostic and mechanical duties on Jet and turboprop aircraft and assist with the scheduling and coordination of the work of others in the crew. To l earn to operate computerized c i rcuit a n a l ys i s mach i ne s and perform manual functional tests w h ich tests w i ring harnesses and printed circuit board assemb l ies under close supervisi on.

May work under guidance of higher grade operators in performing manual functional tests and other v a r i ous production electrical con t i nu i ty a n d r e l ated troubleshooting operations where test machine interface requirements are standardized and test sequences are us u ally dev e l oped.

Works from engineer i n g i nformat i on, functional tests, schemat i c draw i ng s , test p l ann i ng dat a , mach i ne printouts, shop manua l s, and oral and w r i tten i ns t r u ct i ons to perform i n sulat i on, cont i n u ity, and inverse continuity tests using computerized circui t analysis machines and by performing manual functional tests. Observes progress of automated tests and makes adjustments to correct failed circuits.

Recommends the change parts of circuits to determine acceptab i lity or fa i l u re of c i rcuit operation. Uses probe to c h eck l i ghts, terminal s, wires and other parts of circuit. Advances test machi ne throu gh various operation phases. Follows and performs manual functional tests. Performs other rel ated duties as required such as keeping test records and contacting production department employees to facilitate correction action. Performs a variety of diagnostic and mechanical duties on Jet aircraft and assist with the scheduling and coordination of the work of others in the crew.

Will assist the MST Lead Mechanic including coordinating and communicating aircraft issues with the Customer to include reviewing the work scope with Customers, adding squawks as required, respond to Customer inquiries and be responsible for assuring Customer satisfaction by coordinating with the Service Center Team. Use demand signals to plan, prepare, and implement negotiation strategies.

Manage effective competitive bidding process including analyzing and evaluating proposals along with negotiating and selecting or recommending suppliers. Manage inventory levels to maximize turns while maintaining fill rates.

Position Responsibilities may include but not limited to: Understands and implements pricing strategies to capitalize on and protect against business and market volatility. About Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.: Human Resources internship provides on-the-job and formal training, as well as exposure to and work experience with multiple business segments in different areas of HR such as: Find and attract top talent, both internally and externally. Identify and maximize channels of talent that support critical functional areas.

Research current recruiting trends and provide team recommendations for best practices. Represent the company at events such as career fairs, information sessions, on campus interviewing events and business fairs. Schedule and conduct interviews. Assess programs and tools to build capabilities of leaders and employees to achieve business goals.

Focus areas include performance management, career development, talent review, leadership development, employee training, high potential development programs and organizational design. Provide counsel and guidance to employees and leaders related to employee relations issues consistent with policies and practices. Completes research and due diligence in an effort to mitigate risk.

Nous sommes des pionniers. The department is responsible for the administration of all repair and overhaul activities of repairable Crown assets assigned to the use of, or by, the CH This can also include work on complete aircraft.

The responsibilities extend to all areas of direct support such as new spares procurement and Integrated Logistics Support. Main task and responsibilities. Textron Business Conduct Guidelines must be observed at all times. Aid maintenance planner with parts inductions that aligns with demands and budget. Performs a wide variety of mechanical operations to regulate and adjust travel on all of the aircraft controllable surfaces such as rudder, flap and elevator. Aligns surfaces, regulates angle of travel and adjusts all related hydraulic or electrical components.

Uses mechanics hand tools and measuring devices, such as scale, protractor, torque wrench and inclinometer. Selects proper abrasive or shot, sets and adjusts air pressure, nozzles, angle of nozzles, and timers. Changes shot or sand in machines as required.

Operates shot separator to prepare shot for re-use. Maintains adequate supply of shot and abrasives. Keeps equipment in an orderly condition. Hand tools, air hoses, nozzles, pressure gauges, and protective equipment. The individual in this position will assist assembly supervisors with day-to day activities, assist employees with daily tasks and help to train new employees with job duties.

In this role, applicants can expect to: Material handling personnel assist in overall material handling functions. Some of these functions may be, but not limited to, receiving, locating, picking for demands, 5S functions, warehouse maintenance, etc. Run and process computer reports to check and verify data. Ability to be trained on the scanning system and run pick lists for the various slots out of SAP.

Communicate discrepancies and problems with parts, documentation, etc as required. Organize, control, and otherwise maintain the applicable area to insure accurate accountability of product being handled. Represent Arctic Cat in a positive, professional manner while interacting with service industries delivering product.

Communicate discrepancies and problems with parts, processes, and procedures in a positive manner to Material Control Supervisor and others as required. Participate on process improvement teams and teams formed to accomplish specific tasks relating to receiving goals or objectives.

Organize and control all documentation for accuracies of product. Work with all departments to quickly resolve problems. Perform related work as apparent or assigned. The Material Handler is responsible for handling, moving, loading, and unloading materials by hand or by using a variety of material handling equipment. Assists supervision in maintaining proper inventory control using the TSV cycle count process. Worth Repair and Overhaul facility. Position provides technical leadership in support of maintaining continuity of instrumentation competencies within the FRC organization across all flight test programs.

Seeking candidates interested in developing and maintaining a strong collaboration center for instrumentation excellence. This includes work instructions, direction and support for maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading all related instrumentation and data systems.

This person is responsible for the day-to-day activities for the eCommerce sites, ensuring sales growth, and the improvement of target key performance indicators for optimal customer experience. This position will work with both internal and external stakeholders to create and oversee the execution of eCommerce acquisition and retention programs.

Coordinate eCommerce marketing campaign and content planning and execution for B2C and B2B customers. Optimize site content and merchandise presentation to maximum search engine results and drive traffic to the sites. Analyze website traffic and trends to identify customer behavior to recommend site improvements for maximizing customer satisfaction and sales conversions. Support competitive market analysis efforts for product pricing and positioning. Manage new and existing social media channels to engage with customers and promote product offerings.

Provide customer service support, as needed. Represent Textron Specialized Vehicles at trade shows, bid openings, and conferences as needed. Develop, maintain, and improve customer relationships. Work with customers on financing as necessary.

Submit detailed orders to appropriate personnel with clear and concise information. Keep Regional Sales Director apprised of current sales status for all courses within designated territory. Relay information to appropriate Company personnel concerning possible field product problems. Quote products and prices under existing company guidelines. Meet or exceed assigned sales objectives on a quarterly, semiannual, and annual basis. Educate customers about Textron Specialized Vehicles products.

Maintain accurate market data and promptly record data changes in company database. Overnight travel on an as-needed basis in order to service and satisfy customer needs.

Travel is often frequent. Provide expense reports, mileage reports, sales prospects, conquests and losses, and other required records and reports to Regional Sales Manager as scheduled. Ensure all demo slips, sales paperwork and lease paperwork are signed and properly completed. Maintain records of all quotes and outcome of customer purchases whether Textron Specialized Vehicles or not. Ensure preventive maintenance and proper operation of assigned and company vehicle.

This position is a mechanic that will perform maintenance, repair, and management of vehicles for marketing events. Responsibilities for this position will also include interacting with customers, supporting engineering, reporting on customer feedback, and supporting the customer care team. A Mechanical Engineer is responsible for a broad range of mechanical engineering and multi-disciplinary tasks.

Typical assignments will include mechanical and hydraulic design, analysis for design and warranty issues, and integration at the system and component level. Support Lead Project Engineers in the development and integration of electrical systems and electrical components into vehicles.

Design and development of various electrical systems and controllers. These include motors, controllers, switches, relays, wire harnesses, electronic displays, and lighting. Some electrical design will also be required for integration and system development of electro-mechanical systems. Assist in design and documentation of vehicle electrical architecture. Review of existing supplier circuit designs for quality and cost to eliminate potential quality issues and identify potential cost savings Develop Project Timelines in support of Program milestones.

Perform Tolerance Studies on Components and Assemblies. Planning and management of component and system-level validation testing. Test and certification report generation. Follow Textron Specialized Vehicles product development process and methods for tracking project status and open issues. Leads project elements and maintains frequent contact with other functional areas, contract engineering services and suppliers. The Customer Account Manager CAM will support the Contract Administration Team to forge lasting relationships and create meaningful experiences for our aircraft customers.

The CAM will be responsible for supporting the Textron Aviation Sales team, managing new aircraft agreements and delivering aircraft to customers. The CAM will be responsible for supporting the Textron Aviation Sales team, managing pre-owned aircraft agreements and delivering aircraft to customers.

Be the driver of your career. At Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. Developing new leaders and encouraging innovative ideas are critical to the success of our organizations. Textron Specialized Vehicles TSV is a leading global manufacturer of golf cars, utility and personal transportation vehicles, and ground support equipment. From design to drive, TSV has become an industry leader through our belief in having the right people in the right place at the right time.

Are you ready to fuel your career? Learn skills towards certification to NDT Level 2 in the following methods: Magnetic Particle inspection wet. Set up and calibrate nondestructive testing equipment.

Conduct tests to ensure quality or detect discontinuities defects using NDT methods of. Establish techniques for proper examination of objects under inspection, ensuring strict.

Apply testing criteria in accordance with applicable specifications or standards and evaluate. Organize and report test results. May instruct and supervise others. Perform other job related tasks as assigned by management.

Individual will be assigned Manufacturing Engineering responsibility for either Assembly or Fabrication area. Engineer to actively support manufacturing operations, new product platforms and capital expansion projects.

Work closely with Design Engineering team on development of new vehicles. Review drawings and concepts prior to release to ensure the design is optimal for manufacturing. Support cross-functional project team by coordinating pilot builds, material presentation, line readiness, tooling, work instructions, etc. Work with Operations and Quality team to develop and implement efficient and safe work methods, Lean material process flows, proper time standards, and acquisition of equipment and tooling for maximum efficiency.

Directly responsible for initiation, development, and implementation of projects. Further responsible for ensuring that expenditures do not exceed approved project costs, and that projects are completed in a timely manner Develop, plan, and coordinate the implementation of shop or assembly line layouts for improved material flow, increased plant capacity, placement of new equipment, optimizing existing shop capacities, new production processes and scheduled plant expansion.

Establish time standards by use of approved industrial engineering practices for accurate measurement of work performed. Facilitate appropriate approvals and implement into costing system.

Evaluate production processes to increase productivity and investigate new methods of enhancing the product. Initiate management and operations Lean training to utilize those proper methods. Initiate investigations for possible alternate equipment to facilitate work needs. Analyze new methods for possible reductions in labor and material costs.

Investigate and coordinate implementation of solutions for improvement with pertinent personnel. Provide training and written instructions to manufacturing personnel for critical processes. Communicate planning, shipping, and delivery information to internal and external customers.

Our goals with the Textron Specialized Vehicles TSV internship program is to effectively recruit highly qualified students by offering challenging and attractive work assignments, where students learn and work real projects on teams with other supply chain professionals. Interns work on meaningful, hands-on projects that have a direct impact in our Integrated Supply Chain department.

The experience entails both production and supplier interface, and provides ample opportunities to work cross-functionally to efficiently and effectively bring Textron Specialized Vehicles products to market.

Communicate with vendors to obtain product, price, availability, and delivery information. Completion of assigned tasks to assist in the development and testing of various mechanical or electrical systems, such as: Use data acquisition systems and processing software to generate technical reports. Work within defined project timelines to complete tasks according to project schedule. Creating test and analysis plans for product validation.

Resolve and document design issues found during testing. Participate in cross functional design reviews and communicate testing results based in fact and theory. Follow TSV product development process and methods for tracking project status and open issues. Frequent contact with other functional areas within TSV and outside suppliers. Manufacture standard production and customized aircraft furniture. Work from orders and blueprints to build and assemble small aircraft furniture per specifications.

May work under guidance of higher grade furniture builder s. Operates basic power tools such as table saw, band saw, hand and table router and sander with minimal assistance. Use of precision measurement devices. Operates spray gun for adhesive spray. Applies laminate and veneer to composite and other materials. Uses small and large power tools, sanders, rivet guns, drills, routers, saws, adhesive applicators, calipers, gauges and other measuring instruments.

Incumbents may perform any combination of the essential functions shown below. This position description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of ALL duties, knowledge, or abilities associated with this classification, but intended to accurately reflect the principle job elements.

Previous Ground Support Equipment experience preferred strong knowledge of gas and diesel engines required, as well as the ability to troubleshoot electrical and hydraulic systems from schematics. This position supports a team of Senior Marketing Analytics leaders to develop and optimize strategic initiatives that identify prospective customers and improve understanding of customer purchase patterns. This position requires advanced data science and analytics skills as well as cross-functional leadership to coordinate across the Marketing and Sales, IT, Strategy, and Business teams.

Upon completion of their internship, high performing candidates will be offered an opportunity to participate in the Textron Leadership Development Program. A full-time position that begins following their graduation. Interns will work closely with Customer Service Representatives to help resolve customer requests and issues. This role will place the intern as the link between the customer and aftermarket team to ensure proper communication between the two.

Interns will help and develop retention strategies of customers. Build, review and approve or change invoices. In this position, one will supervise the daily activities of the training cadre in the conduct of instructional design, curriculum development, distance learning conduct, simulator facilitation, classroom facilitation, and flight line and range flight operations.

Along with training operations, the Training Manager will also oversee flight line and maintenance shop processes, safety, ISO-compliance, inventory management, and maintenance tracking IAW published standards. The training team is also tasked to support rotational deployed positions as well as flight tests, demonstrations, and other programmatic requirements for operations and maintenance personnel.

This position must possess or be able to acquire a secret security clearance. Other responsibilities may include: The primary responsibility of the Technical Service Specialist is to complete in-house repairs as scheduled by Service staff, and complete appropriate service paperwork. Works with other staff to order parts as needed. Do you want to work with Large Satellite Imagery, and Video? Do you want to push geospatial thinking to a new level?

Do you want to help create the next innovation? Do you want to know where you are? Across our product lines we have a diverse problem set presenting us with opportunities in everything from Web Development, to Computer Vision and Hardware Optimization.

Will be responsible for the use of general to advance hand-measuring tools daily. Working closely with teams from all areas of the Machine Shop, to help assist in the development and troubleshooting of jobs and projects. This is an exciting opportunity for an undergraduate student to join the Corporate Controllers team at Textron. This position is year-round, part-time up to 25 hours during school semesters flexible schedule and full-time up to 40 hours during breaks.

There is a possibility for occasional weekend work or overtime on an infrequent basis. This is a great opportunity for rising sophomores and juniors to gain experience and insight into corporate accounting concurrent with their coursework. Kautex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Textron Inc. A major player in the automotive industry, Kautex is one of the top volume suppliers servicing automakers e. GM, Toyota, Mercedes, etc.

LSR services to be provided include the following: Perform technical research on all part requirements. Expedite all part requirements and provide status and estimated delivery dates. Monitor trend usage of part requirements and coordinate appropriate allowance requirements. Receive material, prepare shipping paperwork and coordinate shipment of repairable retrograde to appropriate vendors.

The Sales Development Program SDP is a 9-month program that consists of eight functional rotations that focus on the key elements of our business. As a Bell Co-Op, you will obtain invaluable hands-on technical experience that will help you build the path between your academic and professional careers.

We will help you grow as problem solvers and critical thinkers. An authentic procurement experience will be formed by participating in actual contract negotiations and building supplier relationships. The Bell Co-op Program is a fundamental part of the Bell Supply Chain talent pipeline and carries the potential for students to return as full-time employees upon completing their degree.

January 22, — May 11, Supply Chain co-op students will be assigned relevant work assignments to challenge and stimulate them according to their current level of experience and capability. Supply Chain co-op students may find themselves working in the following areas: This position is for the assembly of miniaturized electronics bare die and chip components for Hybrids, Multi-chip Modules, and Radio Frequency RF modules. The Micro Electronics Assembler performs manual placement of Microwave components and hand soldering of Microwave assemblies.

Specific duties will vary but require a high degree of fine motor skills to manually place and bond miniature electronic components under a microscope. Examples of duties include: The Micro Electronics Assembler may also setup and operate automated placement and bonding equipment. Textron Systems businesses are industry leading developers and integrators of unmanned systems, advanced marine craft, armored vehicles, intelligent battlefield and surveillance systems, geospatial management and analysis systems, intelligence software solutions, precision weapons, piston engines, test and training systems, and total lifecycle sustainment and operational services.

Textron Systems Electronic Systems designs and develops test and simulation hardware and software for Electronic Warfare EW applications. This includes systems used on the flight line, range or in a lab to simulate enemy radar or missile threats for the purpose of testing aircraft sensors and electronics, or for training a pilot.

To perform sub assembly and final assembly inspection for workmanship, fit, alignment and conformance with applicable drawings, specifications, quality standards and relevant technical data.

Works with others as part of a team including giving and receiving feedback, assisting others in completion of tasks, provides on-the-job-training to others. The production flight test and delivery pilot is responsible for conducting production flight testing and customer delivery flights to ensure a thoroughly tested, quality aircraft is delivered and ensuring all production aircraft comply with the applicable FAA, Textron Aviation specs and customer quality standards.

Customer support flights involving off-site trips as well as flight testing after major repair and modification. Production flight testing of new Citations and other Textron Aviation products.

Aircraft delivery of new Citations and other Textron Aviation products. Customer support activities to include flight testing aircraft after major modifications or repairs. Travel to off-site facilities for aircraft delivery and customer support.

Adaptability to adapt to a dynamic flight schedule. Maintain a thorough knowledge of appropriate aircraft models, systems, avionics, equipment, options, product changes and updates.

Record aircraft discrepancies in a thorough and precise manner and maintain aircraft documentation in an accurate and timely fashion. Provide management with ideas and input regarding continuous improvements to products and processes.

Adhere to and support Flight Operations policies, procedures, guidelines and responsibilities. Communicate with and ensure department personnel are aware of noteworthy issues. Maintains safety as the prime consideration for all operations at all times. Driven by innovation and safety, our products help pilots and maintainers achieve daily success in aviation. We are proudly backed by our parent company, Textron, Inc. Why launch a career with the TRU Family?

Transform the industry standard: We are an innovative team supporting products ranging from aircraft maintenance training devices to full motion flight simulators, for both commercial and defense customers.

We take the next step to provide hands-on pilot and maintenance training to ensure flight readiness. We empower people to make the impossible, possible. Candidate must have 2 - 6 years experience in recruitment of Thermal Power Plant Professionals.

Candidate must speak Hindi. Diploma - Mechanical, B. Lead a crew of maintenance electricians responsible for the maintenance and repair of all plant electrical systems and equipment except low power instrumentation and controls devices.

Includes supervisory requirements such as scheduling of personnel. Good knowledge of work management system, controlling and directing shift operation staff and handle all kinds of Operational Emergencies. Must have good experience in maintaining HSE and other statutory requirements. Good knowledge of equipment protection, interlock and safety system related to power plant equipment and handling emergencies. Post Graduation Not Required Doctorate: Generalist role, Induction, implementation of HR policies, orientation,Grievance handling,Team handling.

Recruitment -End to end recruitment by generating various sources for recruitment 2. Providing Induction Training to New Joiners 4.

Working on employee databases and maintaining employee files and trackers 5. MIS Preparation and sending various reports. Maintain in-depth knowledge of legal requirements related to HR, reducing legal risks and ensuring regulatory compliance. Payroll reporting to meet internal and statutory obligations.

Conducting Employee Engagement Activities as and when required. Be able to work independently with minimum instructions. INR 2,25, - 4,25, P. Sc - Any Specialization PG: Preparing data for salary sheet. Calculation of Bonus, salary, Leave encashment Salary: INR 1,50, - 5,00, P. The HRBP will partner with business teams to develop an indepth understanding of business environment and own a shared responsibility for delivery of people related business goals. Identify role-wise competencies and standardize across teams.

Facilitate manpower planning process to arrive at optimised headcount across business verticals incl off-rolls. Collaborate with business leadership and talent acquisition teams to ensure timely closure of headcount plans. Facilitate early to productivity and assimilation of new joinees through a consistent onboarding and induction.

Drive effective implementation of the PMS through Timely completion of the goal setting process with clearly defined goals cascaded across levels Ensure periodic review of priorities cascade to reflect changing business needs Coach managers on carrying out objective performance assessment and have open performance dialogue with teams delivering effective feedback Track and monitor performance and productivity indicators and facilitate necessary actions including PIP and termination.

Drive data led decision-making through periodic report out of key people metrics. Monitor attrition levels and implement innovative attrition control mechanism. Identify talent and organizational issues, and partner with managers to design and implement solutions. Help administer One97 people policies policies and ensure that they are being followed and that exceptions are being handled accordingly.

INR 2,25, - 3,75, P. Any Graduate - Any Specialization, B. S - Management, B. A - Any Specialization PG: Sc Science - Any Specialization, M.

A - Any Specialization Doctorate: Selected candidates will be working across the SDLC cycle of the project, as per requirements. Must have Participated in transition of the functional design Requirements. Must have Assisted in defining and reviewing the functional requirements for the application, including security, integration, performance, and quality requirements Good to Have 1.

Core HR Experience 2. Experience in leading small teams. Any Postgraduate - Any Specialization. INR 10,00, - 20,00, P. INR 4,00, - 9,00, P. Fashion Designing , Merchandising Role Category: INR 12,00, - 15,00, P. Fashion Designing, Merchandising Role Category: Best As per industry Industry: Any Graduate - Any Specialization. Identify customer preferences and forecast consumer trends b Merchandise presentation direction and guidelines c Open-to-Buy, pricing and markdown management d Evaluate supplier options according to prices, quality etc.

INR 2,75, - 5,00, P. Expertise in Indian bridal wear, embroideries mainly into Sarees, Lehnga Sarees and Suit Dupatta for the high end market. Coordinate timely turnaround of sampling. Understand colors and moods of market trends. Should be creative in design function and can be work under pressure. Have Minimum experience of 7 years under some well-known designers in Indian ethnic wear or under some reputed brands in the similar field. Knowledge of patterns, fabrics, embroideries, sourcing of materials.

High Sense of aesthetics. Knowledge of pattern making. INR per annum Industry: INR 7,50, - 8,50, P. Opening for both Senior and Junior Merchandisers. Sr Merchandisers need to have work experience of 5 years while Junior Merchandiser need to have work experience of 1 year. The Merchandisers need to work with buyers in the domestic market space. INR 1,75, - 2,25, P. INR 3,00, - 4,00, P. Best In the industry Industry: Candidate should have own 2-wheeler for effective execution of daily working.

INR 3,00, - 8,00, P. Incentive and appraisal on acheiving targets Industry: Export , Import , Merchandising Role Category: Any Postgraduate, Post Graduation Not Required Ideal candidate should have experience in procuring for retail from local and international vendors.

Experience in textile and home products is ideal. Should be great at coordination and follow ups with a knack of picking the latest products. Urgent looking for Assistant Merchandiser for Home textiles in Gurgaon.

Exp - Min 1 yr Salary: INR 3,00, - 5,50, P. Minimum of a Bachelor degree or equivalent in Physiotherapist or Any Degree with Minim 1 years of experiences. Experience supervising and managing a professional staff.

Good teamwork and the ability to lead and motivate a team. The ability to stay focused on your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Strong interpersonal and relationship-building abilities. A motivated and passionate personality coupled with a belief in physical fitness.

INR 2,00, - 5,50, P. Medical Transcriptionist Desired Profile. INR 4,00, - 5,50, P. D - Other Science. Process and Quality 1. Staff and Facility Management 1. Monitor patient revenue, expenses and the operating expenses and provide appropriate reports to authorized person. Sc - Any Specialization, Nursing.

Job Profile Medical Scribe: They are the Physicians support system. As a Medical Scribe, you work alongside physicians in a real time environment. Being a part of live physician-patient encounter, Medical Scribes greatly add value by increasing the time spent on patient care.

Must possess excellent English Communication Skills. Writing Listening and Speaking Must have good knowledge of computers. Benefits Be part of an entirely new line of business in India Work with a global organization with state-of-art infrastructure Experience clinical exposure while working in a Corporate set-up Work in real-time environment with US Physicians Hone your English communication skills 5-days work week Cab facility for female employees.

INR 3,00, - 5,00, P. INR 2,50, - 4,50, P. Pharma - Pharmacy Doctorate: Fitness expert is Expected to have high level of fitness knowledge, training and motivational skills. Knowledge to design a workout chart for the clients online, monitor it and ensure that members get adequate online support and motivation to execute their exercise program to get results. Able to work in a highly professional and performance oriented environment.

INR 3,50, - 8,50, P. Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationship with Company Staff. Multi tasking skills and ability to work under pressure. A good Communicator With Self-Motivated. INR 7,50, - 13,00, P. Best In The Industry,sick, personal, and parental leave,health insurance,retirement plans Industry: Ambition is what makes a company innovative, it is what spawns creative ideas and what generates candor and openness among. Job responsibilities would include, but not limited to sourcing talent through different sources, Headhunting, Cold Calling, Internet Mining, Research, Industry mapping, Talent Mapping, Candidate Engagement, Client-Candidate Relationship Management, Salary Negotiation, Job Positioning and follow ups during and after the interviewing process.

Superior presentation and excellent oral and written communication skills Strong interpersonal skills; ability to influence C-level candidates; superior convincing and negotiation skills. Strong analytical skills and an ability to think out-of-the box Multitasking, Self-motivated and can work in a fast paced and confidential work environment Takes accountability; demonstrates Business maturity and Attention to detail.

Ability to work as an individual contributor, part of the team or as a leader. Excellent commercial knowledge and negotiation skills is a must. INR 1,75, - 3,00, P. Sc Science - Electronics Doctorate: Implementing service policies and the systems lay down by the organization and its adherence of the same by dealers.

Planning and Ensuring the Trained Technician at all Dealerships to improve customer satisfaction. Candidates having experience of working in Rural sector will be preferred. INR 2,50, - 4,00, P.

Diploma - Any Specialization, B. Minimum Secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent Minimum seven 7 years of Electrical maintenance experience Drilling Industry. Preferred to have experience in AC driven system and automated electrical control system Minimum two 2 year experience in the present position.

Please do not consider Apprentice. INR 1,00, - 1,75, P. Graduation Not Required PG: Any Doctorate - Any Specialization. INR 4,00, - 6,00, P. Commensurate with qualification and relevant experience. Diploma - Electrical PG: Up to 11, Inhand after all deduction Industry: Best In the Industry Industry: INR 2,00, - 5,00, P.

Candidates must be proficient in communicative English. Basic computer skills are desirable. Tutors job description includes imparting training, conducting competitions to students on Science and creating content.

Attending and contributing to training sessions. INR 50, - 3,00, P. Tutors from anywhere across India can apply. This is a part-time job and you can work from home. Work time may vary from 9: Training will be provided to the selected candidates. Must have excellent subject knowledge and ability to communicate properly.

Good communication skills and excellent computer skills. Should be honest, trustworthy and flexible at work. Electricity backup is must. Salary will be paid hourly basis. INR 50, - 1,25, P. Remuneration commensurate with education, experience and performance Industry: Hands on experience in commissioning on site. Lead a crew of maintenance responsible for the maintenance and repair of all plant systems and equipment except low power instrumentation and controls devices.

INR 22,50, - 27,50, P. Prepare detail execution plan for each sub activities from the project plan received form the center Attend all the site level meeting which customers representative and manage customer relationship at ground level. Optimize project resource utilizat. Communications to the contractors in a timely manner.

INR 14,00, - 17,00, P. Architecture , Interior Design Role Category: Arch - Architecture PG: Best as per industry standards, No bar for deserving candidate Industry: Exposure to ETAP software is also preferable. As Per Industry Standards Industry: Tech - Any Specialization Doctorate: Doctorate Not Required Experience in civil work, tender quoting ,negotiate, Material procurement, Labour Management ,able to finish the project Responsibility to entire operation of the project for day to day Operation.

INR 3,50, - 5,50, P. Demonstrated expertise and thought Leadership on changing Landscape in the fiercely competitive Telecom Segment:. Lead or be part of client site visits and preparation of the proposal documents. INR 3,75, - 5,00, P. Achieve revenue targets of own channel. Manage cost controls against bugdet of controllable cost items. Any Postgraduate For more details and jobs please visit-.

We require candidates for position of production manager. With an experience of years in an engineering industry with track record. Best in the Industry Industry: INR 8,00, - 18,00, P. INR 2,00, - 6,50, P. Accomondation and Fooding Industry: Doctorate Not Required Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical with at least 5 additional years of experience in Steam turbine or Gas turbine design.

Mandatory MUST 5 years steam turbine design related experience. Familiarity with steam turbine design, construction and working principles Sound knowledge in drawing practices Sound knowledge with modern engineering tools, norms and design rules Experience in layout design or design analysis of turbo machinery components Knowledge of CATIA V5 or any other 3D CAD software Knowledge of the manufacturing processes involved for steam turbine components Knowledge of erection of steam turbine components would be an added advantage Effective planning, organisation and presentation skills including the ability to prioritise and plan work.

Strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Ability to influence others and lead small teams. Lead initiatives of moderate scope and impact. Ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously. Effective problem identification and solution skills. Proven analytical and organizational ability. Design of machine for food processing. Prepare bill of material based on the drawings. Selection of motors, gearbox etc.

Having good knowledge of Autocad and Solidworks. Having good speed in Autocad. Salary not a constraint for deserving candidates Industry: Experience in equipment manufacturing company will be given strong preference. Company provides the following as part of the program. Candidates have the option to have their own choice of accommodation at their cost and liability. Onetime payment of Rs. Job is assured for the candidates who fulfills the below mentioned OEGs organizational requirements.

The date of joining of training programme will be reckoned as the date on which the candidate reports to site. The posting to site is totally at the discretion of training committee and assignment of location of training and subsequent work allocation is as per site In-charge at that particular site, in concurrence with training committee will be final. Technical or Job Related Requirements: The position requires strong analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills -Fully conversant with engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, engineering standards specs and codes and comply with all company policies.

Sc Science - Mechanical Engineering. INR 1,25, - 1,50, P. Key skills for the Job: INR 6,00, - 10,00, P. As a Mechanical Design Engineer, should have knowledge to design, analyze and test the electronic products. Perform cost estimation and proposal concept models. Competitive salary based on merit and market standards Industry: Define and evaluate product mechanical and environmental requirements, including method of verification.

Freshers with good academic background are eligible. Production, Manufacturing, Maintenance Role Category: With experience in Rotogravure printing or Computer Stationery printing Machinery.

Hands on experience in Rotogravure printing machines preferably with online die cutting or Computer stationery printing machines and post press machinery. Should have skills and experience to achieve desired print quality quickly, technical abilities for troubleshooting and attend to repairs. Not disclosed by Recruiter Industry: Diploma - Mechanical PG: Other Keyskills Mechanical Foreman mech foreman.

Candidate can work on all stages of a production,quality maintenance from research and development to design and manufacture, through to installation and final commissioning. Sc ,Are any degree Salary: As per industry standards Industry: Hi all, We have urgent openings with one of our clients. Team Leader - NonTechnical. This is an analyst role to work closely with a team leader. Looking for an experienced individual as well as recent graduate with good understanding of Equity Options markets.

An Ability to screen equities and options data and markets daily and create usable strategies will be a plus. Only Delhi NCR-based candidates need apply. INR 1,00, - 2,50, P. INR 15,00, - 20,00, P. Fluent English Communication Skills. Interact with customers to provide and process information in Response to inquiries, concerns and request about Products and Services.

Accurately process and record call transaction using a computer and designated tracking software. Offer alternative solutions where appropriate with the objective of retaining customers and clients business. Identify new opportunities for leveraging data analytics tools and techniques.

Interact with clients on a daily basis and manage day to day client delivery through team members. Should be pleasing on call and have a sense of understanding and ownership.

Someone who would understand and then speak. Who are we looking for: Back Office Executive 3. INR 50, - 2,50, P. Answer calls and respond to email and chat. Address customer inquiries via telephone, email and chat. Understand customer inquiries, manage and resolve customer complaints.

Provide customers with product and service information. Strong verbal and written English communication skills. Problem analysis and problem solving. INR 2,50, - 6,50, P. Good verbal and written communication skills. Extremely motivated towards career. Flexible and adaptable Polite and disciplined Sincere and helping Confident and hardworking Ability to work in stressed situation.

On field experience of installation , commissioning and servicing of electronic security products. INR 1,50, - 2,50, P. A good knowledge about semiconductors and their functions. Knowledge in handling Bench Test devices like Oscilloscopes, Function generator etc. Knowledge in testing and troubleshooting of electronic boards via related circuit diagram. Digital Marketing Engineer 3. Technical Business Development Executive. INR 1,00, - 3,00, P. Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Designs. Standard benefits like PF, Performance-linked incentives etc.

Salary is not a limiting factor for exceptionally good technical candidate Industry: Follow up standard practices and process adherence. Should be innovative, motivated, dedicated with good communication capabilities. Candidate should be a good team player. Candidates should normally have a PhD and an outstanding research record and commitment to teaching. The position and level offered would be based on relevant experience in research and teaching. Candidates without a PhD but demonstrated research record can also be considered in special cases.

Teaching , Education , Training , Counselling. Desired Candidate Profile Education- Doctorate: General knowledge about allegro and capture tools.

General knowledge about electronic circuits. If schematic and net list given by engineer he has do placement, Routing, final output setup and Gerber generation. Paid Internship of 2 months and after that chances of getting hire, interested candidates having good communication skills. As a team leader in Securities Processing, you will liaise with internal clients, client services, relationship managers, issuers, and paying agents.

You will receive, distribute and file mail to appropriate departments. You will also maintain the proxy file room. Additionally, you will interpret literature and voting instructions and complete the legal documents in stipulated time period. Applicants pursuing any degree but having relevant skills and interest may apply. Year of degree completion: Applicants currently in any year of study or recent graduates but having relevant skills and interest may apply.

Any Postgraduate - Any Specialization, M. Looking for a dedicated and target oriented HR Recruiter Talent Acquisition Specialist with an ability of identifying and placing candidates. Should be able to work as a part of the BPO recruitment team. The candidate will be required to execute an end to end recruitment cycle.

Should have the ability to meet targets, handle multiple tasks and should be a team player. Freshers or candidates having min 3 months of experience into core recruitment. INR 80, - 1,50, P. Free Transport facility Industry: LLM - Law Doctorate: Pursuing 5th Year or final year or final semester law Complete final year law and awaiting results Completed LLB and has a LLB degree but has not worked in corporate for sometime Completed LLB and only has litigation experience for 1 year or so but now wants to move to corporate.

If you are a recent technical graduate and are interested in a career as a web software application developer, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to enter the field. Sc Science - Any Specialization. INR 4,00, - 8,00, P. Tech - Any Specialization, Mechanical Doctorate: Under the direct supervision of the Consultant, you are responsible for the in-patient and out-patient medical management of children.

Responsibility for administrative duties e. Must work in 8 hour shifts. Internship as a Marketing and Sales Executive opportunity for the graduates in business administration to deploy, demonstrate and improve their key skills in marketing and sales.

The job includes marketing a brand new product in the entertainment segment to the households. INR 1,00, - 1,50, P. MBA is an advantage but not a pre-requisite. At least 3 years working experience, preferably experience in an educational Industry.

Good interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to achieve, influence and impact on and build support for ideas and actions. Lead the sales team 3. Manage key clients 5. Increasing business opportunities through various routes to market. Regular visit to existing customers to generate business 2. Responding to incoming email and phone enquiries 3. Develop new markets existing products 4.

Develop new customers for business development. No Frequent job switchers or time wasters please! Need hard core result-oriented business getter. Pulp and Paper Functional Area: INR 1,25, - 2,75, P.

Excellent communication skills to interact with people at all levels. Good Organisational and time-management skills. INR 7,00, - 7,50, P. Diploma - Electrical, B. To do preventive and operational maintenance of electrical equipments. INR 1,50, - 1,75, P. Besides CTC, eligible for service charge, on duty meal, medical insurance, leave, holidays, awards, etc. Hotels , Restaurants Role Category: ITI - Electrician Trade with 2 to 5 years experience in hotel or engineering industry.

Should have knowledge of Electrical Control Panels, fault findings, repairs Maintaining all electrical areas. INR 5,00, - 6,50, P. Best in the industry Industry: Tech - Any Specialization, Electrical Doctorate: INR 2,50, - 6,00, P.

Should have knowledge of Electrical Control Panels, fault findings, repairs, Maintaining all electrical areas. USD 20, - 25, P. Sc Life sciences Biotech, Microbiology , Masters in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry or microbiology. Keeps relevant people informed of activities and developments Volunteers to assist co-workers and covers work for others Understands own role within the global team and how this supports other team members, their tasks and objectives.

INR 2,75, - 4,00, P. Must have hardcore financial modelling experience. Should have worked on complex company forecast and valuation models.

Should have excellent spreadsheet modelling skills, with good analytical skills and an ability to solve problems. Should enjoy working in a challenging and professional environment. INR 2,25, - 4,75, P. INR 2,25, - 3,50, P.

A Leading Finance company is looking to hire a Research Assistant who will provide support to senior members to service deliverables and internal projects. Ed - Education, B. Good knowledge in History. Experience- More than 2 Years in the relevant field Education- Post Graduation in the relevant field. INR 2,50, - 3,50, P. Com - Commerce, M. A - Any Specialization, Other Doctorate: Teach one or more university subjects to undergraduate and graduate students Prepare and deliver lectures to students and conduct laboratory sessions or discussion groups Prepare, administer and grade examinations, laboratory assignments and reports.

Com - Commerce Doctorate - Ph. Ed - Education PG: Ed - Education Doctorate: Doctorate Not Required For more details and jobs -Please visit our website. All the responsibilities of a teacher as per norms designed by the Institute.

Additional responsibilities given by the management besides the regular teaching. Com - Commerce Doctorate: Should Inspire and mould the students to achieve their targets. Should have basic computer knowledge Flexible to accept different roles in Institute.

The Candidate should have graduation in qualification. A English , Eng hons. For more details and jobs -Please visit our website. Looking for an Computer Teacher. Strong Experience in teaching Computer Science. A strong desire to redefine teaching standards and build tomorrows leaders Strong communication skills.

Desired Candidate Profile Education - Doctorate: As a teacher your key responsibility is to Facilitate the development of children with diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities through participative classroom processes. Encourage active discovery and independent learning. Desired Skills and Experience Keen interest in the development of children. Bachelors Degree in your subject. We encourage those with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education to apply.

A Masters Degree and teaching experience would be an advantage. Attributes and Personal Competencies We are looking for Teachers with professional competence, high energy and social commitment. Teachers who believe in non-threatening, engaging learning. INR 2,50, - 3,00, P.

INR 2,00, - 3,00, P. Speaking to the prospective clients and getting them on-boarded to provide them with Recruitment services. Lucrative Incentives plus Reimbursements Industry: Develop and implement an annual agenda for HR strategy in line with the business plan. Ensure HR plans support the needs of the business but are also flexible enough to cope with changes in the organisation, as and when they occur 5.

Handling whole IR industrial relations activities in the factory. Ensuring all statutory Compliances w. Implementation of HR processes across all levels. Doctorate Not Required Education and Experience. INR 1,50, - 2,25, P. INR 2,00, - 4,00, P. Any Doctorate - Doctorate Not Required. Based on the Experience Industry: Develop products as per buyers specifications.

Shall be solely responsible for the forecasting of fashion and the total range development. Will be responsible for sourcing and development of prints and embroideries. The Incumbent shall be independently working with the International brands. The candidate should have strong leadership skills,decision making ability and a drive for results. Exposure in similar profiles and assignments required.

The candidate should have good communication and Interpersonal skills. Should have hands on experience of working in similar assignments. Incumbent should have the propensity to innovate and provide innovative solutions to the issues.

Candidate should have a minimum 5 years experience in the field of accounts. Should be familiar with TDS and Service Tax and capable of handling day to day working of office accounts independently Knowledge of Tally is a must.

Graduate with Commerce background. Training experience of working with a reputed Chartered Accountancy firm. Communication and writing skills: Letter and Email drafting. Bank documentation and dealings 5. Whether helping to develop a proposal, qualifying a reference during the pre-sales process, or managing the post-sales order and invoice process, touches thousands of transactions every day. Highly motivated, energetic, committed and driven. Strategic capability to deliver financial and commercial insight.

Candidate ready to relocate is preferred. INR 5,00, - 8,00, P. Preferably from a Footwear Retail background. Adept in Brand Accounting. Capable of handling multiple responsibilities. The job responsibilities are: INR 5,00, - 8,50, P.

INR 10,00, - 12,00, P. Candidate who has good accounting knowledge and who is ready to work for fixed hrs on daily basis need to apply. INR 2,00, - 2,75, P. INR 4,25, - 6,50, P. Taxation Ensure compliances for Direct Taxes which include Income tax, Employee taxation, TDS, computation of income and tax thereon, advance tax projections, analysis and optimisation of tax liability, tax planning, filling of all annual and quarterly returns, reconciliations etc.

Manage independently direct taxation assessments, hearing and proceedings. Coordinate with consultants for tax litigations at various Appellate authorities and Courts.

Planning and utilization of fund and Supervision of Banking and treasury functions. Prepare and self-review US income tax returns and tax work papers Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations in accordance with the firm standards and in accurate, thorough and timely manner. Understand the training, follow the standard methodologies and procedures adopted by the company to prepare US income tax and other returns. Should understand our audit methodologies and procedures.

Perform the auditing procedures in accordance with firm standards and in accurate, thorough and timely manner. Prepare audit work papers that are informative, indexed, cross referenced and can be easily be understood and explained. Preparation of financial statements and issuing Audit report. Perform agreed upon procedures and issuing Audit report. Assist Hill Corporate Finance in the following accounting functions - Manage and follow up monthly book keeping.

We have Accountant openings with our clients. Will get back to you if shortlisted. INR 6,00, - 12,00, P. Build and maintain defined reports. Good command on excel formulas, V-lookup, pivot table etc 2 Knowledge of billing will be an added advantage.

INR 1,25, - 2,50, P. Plant operation, Any service operation, project operation etc Only Male candidate is preferred Local candidate is preferred Experience: Supervision in the field work i.

Willing to travel pan India basis 3. Monitoring Manpower in each site 4. Sc - Chemistry PG: Min 2 4 years in operations No. Good hands-on knowledge of HR Operations 2. High proficiency in Dashboards, Analytics 3. Expertise in Excel, Macros, etc.

General accounting, reconciliation and finance knowledge essential, preferably from a Regulatory environment. We have an urgent opening for the position of HR- MIS Executive with one of the leading company for Mumbai location, please find below details:.

Strong in excel skills and a bit of payroll knowledge is preferred Salary: INR 5,00, - 6,00, P. Doctorate Not Required Qual: Responsible for the day to day financial functions of ITL. Day to day vouchers and payments and TDS payments b. Daily Fund Flow 2. Responsible for the book closing of ITL. Fixed Asset Register b. Calculation of Depreciation closing entries. Responsible for presenting standardized and consolidated accounts in revised schedule VI format on a monthly basis, taking care of accounting standards and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act.

Responsible for XBRL filings. Complete in charge of and responsible for all the entries in Tally. TDS return filing except salary.

Distribution of TDS Certificates to vendors 7. Responsible for annual budgets of ITL. Quarterly numbers in listing format. Calculation of Service Tax b. Filing of Service Tax Return c. Daily Service Tax Statement d. Indirect Tax Report back e.

Service tax Audit f. Input output register Responsible for Issuing Purchase Orders. Should have high level of accuracy and attention to detail. Open to learn and develop new skills in pace with the changing requirements. Doctorate Not Required Qualification: Work to ensure successful development of an audit strategy and capability. Will be a key team member and responsible for planning and achieving the goals of the Internal Audit department.

Plan and perform process audits or evaluations to identify process weaknesses, inefficiencies and operational issues facing different Businesses. Recommend corrective actions to improve efficiency and drive compliance. Define and implement measurement and tracking mechanisms to assess and monitor process improvement.

As per industrial standards Industry: Designer installation or configuration and maintenance of a comprehensive IT infrastructure with a focus on Microsoft Windows- 3. Removal and installation of hardware components and peripherals- 4. Installation of additional software and manually and via deployment console- 5.

User requests for technical advice and support- 6. Installation and customization of client equipment- 7. Classification of technical queries and forwarded to relevant departments- 8.

Documentation of customer inquiries- 9. Use client security tools antivirusor encryption - 10 Customizing user profiles- Hardware installation and hardware expansion- Backup and restore of user data- Commissioning and network switching operations- Coordination with IT coordinators and users.

Participate in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure domain. Ensure that hardware, operating systems, software and related procedures adhere to best practices and organizational standards.

Assist project teams with technical issues - analysis and design; execute, test and roll out of solutions. Research and recommend innovative, and where possible automated approaches for system administration tasks.

Identify approaches that leverage existing resources and provide economies of scale. Perform daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.

Perform daily backup operations, ensuring all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up, as per predefined organizational standards. Coordinate and communicate with impacted constituents. Apply OS patches and upgrades on a regular basis, and upgrade administrative tools and utilities.

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