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Dissertation Of Kent Hovind

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Order Now Live Chat Support. Get Your Discount Now! Check It Out Now. The Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Completing a PhD takes an average of 8. Upon completion of a final draft, a defense is held where the public is invited and the candidate defends his or her work in front of the committee, who ask questions and make comments.

Like any other publication in a library, dissertations are available to anyone who wants to read them. Hovind claims to have lost his copy of the dissertation, [6] while Patriot Bible University does not make dissertations available. Department of Education—recognised body, and his degrees are not granted any status in the academic or scientific mainstream. Those who have completed a Ph. D are allowed to prefix their name with "Dr". Hovind, needless to say, has no such modesty and refers to himself as Dr.

D vs Ben Goldacre. Hovind attempts to provide a genealogy of evolution that starts with Satan himself of course before he was cast out of heaven, then to God striking down the Tower of Babel.

He traces this through ancient Greek philosophy, eastern religions, and the Church Fathers. He gets large chunks of this ancient history wrong, and what little bits of truth do sneak in are surrounded by oceans of irrelevance and idiocy. Hovind describes Socrates, Plato , and Aristotle as being " pantheists ," and thus attempts to understand in modern terms a religious system that does not easily match modern expectations and categories.

If you want to apply a modern label, polytheism catches the spirit a lot better than pantheism. There are some ancient philosophers you can describe as holding broadly pantheistic ideas: Hovind fails when he attempts to understand Plato and Socrates, ascribing positions to them that are held by participants in Platonic dialogues, most of which feature Socrates as a character, but only some of the dialogues can be thought of as containing the Socrates of history, while the others have Socrates as a literary tool that Plato can use.

Most scholars actually state it was much earlier, around BCE. He completely misunderstands Zoroastrian beliefs, claiming that the essence of it is that "Satan and God are equally powerful.

According to Hovind, in Zoroastrianism "a lack of importance [is] placed on God. Which is fine, except for the fact that if the ancient Greeks, Zoroastrians, and eastern mystics were all budding proto-Darwinists, you might expect some historians and philosophers who study the ancients to have spotted it — and that the work of Darwin and Wallace in the nineteenth century might have been a bit less revolutionary and surprising than it actually was.

Ditto with the Comte de Buffon, who supposedly "was very influential in spreading the doctrine of evolution around the world", this after a long paragraph discussing "Voltair". Hovind claims that Hinduism , Zoroastrianism, Buddhism , Taoism , and Confucianism , which all are really evolution cults in disguise, made it easy for Communism to take over in China. How this is possible is not known.

Evolution was not initially researched till the s. On the same note, Communism has spread really well in Iranian Zoroastrian communities and in India , where Hinduism and Buddhism are prevalent. This hypothesis also explains the resistance to Chinese Communism by the Tibetan Buddhist monks really well, and the religious history of Russia and Cuba.

In reality, the survival of the fittest found in Capitalist market economics has more to do with natural selection than the Communist ideal of "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Hovind also claims that "the Islam religion [sic] accepts evolution very readily", conveniently ignoring Islamic creationists like Harun Yahya. He also makes some pretty silly remarks about the Church Fathers which are backed up with the same sort of evidence as everything else in the dissertation — that is, about the same quality and quantity as you get in a Chick tract or the Weekly World News.

Using the text from the OCR version of "Dr. Similarly, the "Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level" indicates the approximate number of years of education needed to understand a piece of writing. The Automated Readability Index is another way of calculating the approximate grade required for a student to fully understand a piece of written work. However, there is a difference between expressing complex ideas in simple language and merely having simplistic ideas.

While Hovind was in federal prison, he wrote another dissertation for a Doctor of Ministry degree from Patriot.

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