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How to Fax and E-Mail a Resume to an Employer

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❶This ensures that the fax reaches the right person. Remember, your resume should showcase the value your professional experience and skills provide — not its cost to former employers.

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And, if they asked for salary requirements put it in the cover letter, not the resume. Include a cover letter with salary requirements. Create a resume in word processing print it out go to a store, library, real estate or insurance office that has a fax fax it to the phone number of the Human Resources DEpartment Confirm by phone they received it; Mail it also Call up the hiring manager and ask if he got it Find out the salary by comparing your current sdalary with what others make by looking at hotjobs or monster.

Place it in the cover letter if you decide to include it. Related Questions Faxing a resume? I need to fax my resume. Should I put my cover letter items on the fax cover sheet or keep them all separate? What should my salary be for this type of position? What type of salary would you require for this teaching position?

Need some help with my resume? Answer Questions Employer not getting back to me? Volunteering to jobs as experience? Narrow your qualifications down to ones that fit the job you want. Briefly discuss your previous experience, but avoid simply repeating your resume. Include information that the hiring manager will find relevant. Keep your writing concise. Do not add descriptive words for the sake of length.

Many fax machines print on standard-sized paper and multiple pages can become lost, so print your cover letter on one page. Use a plain font and a standard font size, such as point. Combination printer and fax machines can attempt to print the page in the special font, which may not print legibly. Amelia Jenkins has more than eight years of professional writing experience, covering financial, environmental and travel topics.

Her work has appeared on MSN and various other websites and her articles have topped the best-of list for sites like Bankrate and Kipplinger. Jenkins studied English at Tarrant County College. Tina Amo has been writing business-related content since Her articles appear on various well-known websites.

Amo holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in information systems. Tip Word processing programs often include a fax cover template that you can modify. References Missouri State University: Resume and Interview Tips: Find a Job Job Search by. What Are the Duties of a Check Processor? Professional Licenses and Exams. How to FAX a resume. How to Write a Formal Business Letter.

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The nice thing about faxing is that you are pretty much guaranteed that someone will look at it. And if it ends up on a stack in the hiring manager’s desk, they will be looking at a real, physical copy of your resume, which will reduce the likelihood of them just giving it a quick glance and then deleting it.

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So, why should you fax your resume today? If you stop and think about it, almost everyone who is sending a resume for a position will be sending it electronically via email or job board. So, where does that put your resume when you fax it over to the hiring manager? It puts your resume at the top of the list.

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A fax is a fast way to send and receive documents, and many employers still prefer to receive resumes and job applications this way. When you send your resume by fax, include a fax cover sheet. It explains who you are and what you are sending and includes information that would help get your documents to the right person. When faxing a resume, the cover sheet acts as your cover letter. The cover sheet serves two purposes. It tells the recipient what to expect, which is especially helpful if your resume gets lost.

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If your original resume has a lot of dark borders, you should first make a print without the borders. Too much black lines will appear untidy. First print a copy to make sure that it is legible before faxing your CV from your computer. Set the fax machine to fine mode to ensure high quality transmission. Include a header with your name and contact details . If your resume’s cover letter is brief enough, you can combine the two cover letters into one template, such as a resume fax cover sheet from The resume and application should follow the cover letter(s).